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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (September 2018 Round #4)

Nothing in life is certain except death, taxes and maaaaaaaaybe finding a really good song or two on an Indie Dojo. Guess the only way to find out is to play it for yourself.
’Opus Vitae – The Fall’
’Sheilds – Evidence’
’CARDS – Right Time’
’The Gloomies – DFIL’
’Pajaro Sunrise – Thirty One’
’Magic Bronson – Evil Plans’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (June 2015 Round #3)


It’s official. Summertime is here. Time to archive your solemn, overcast, “it’s cold so I’m gonna listen to sad stuff” playlists and dig up the some good ol’ sunshine and happiness. We don’t want to tell you how to feel, so we’ll continue to keep our Indie Dojos as much as an emotional roller coaster as possible. But we’ll also be sure to throw some summer anthem must-haves as a reminder to enjoy the warmth as much as you can. ‘Cause pretty soon we’ll all be complaining about how much we miss the the hot, hot heat, no matter how sweatastic it makes us.

’POWERS – Beat Of My Drum’
’Favored Nations – “Always”‘
’Shields – Gone In A Flash’
’C Duncan – Say’
’Tessera Skies – Dreaming/Sleeping’
’Jay Rodger – My Dear’
’James Veck
Gilodi – Wasted’
’Richard Smith – Lau’
’Jon Lawless – Capital (ft. Daniela Andrade)’
’Immy Williams – The Ocean’
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[HOT] Grizzly Bear – Yet Again

Grizzly Bear‘s newest offering, “Yet Again,” opens with crunchy guitars and a charging pace, marking it as one of the more infectious, grand and straightforward tracks in their repertoire. Edward Droste‘s smooth and limber vocals complement the propulsive indie-rock song nicely, but when the band’s blissful, stirring harmonies are in full-force — like we heard so many times on 2009’s Veckatimest or even 2006’s Yellow House — it’s almost as though the planets have aligned: pure candy for the ears. “Yet Again” is not quite as complex or avant-garde as we’ve seen from Grizzly Bear, but shows that they can achieve that epic, all-encompassing sound pretty perfectly. The track is a little over five minutes, its resplendency ending in a beautifully chaotic tangle of noise.

Grizzly Bear’s forthcoming album, Shields, comes out September 18th via Warp Records.

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