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[Music Video] Shermanology – Silly Games

Back in 2016 we ended the year by getting the inside scoop from the sibling duo Shermanology. They had just released their single “Silly Games” and we wanted to see just what it was about, as well as just how have they kept up creating great records for so long. “Silly Games” was no sign of them slowing down.

Today, we share with you not only the song again, but it’s video counterpart. The video does not let the song down. With a funky, infomercial meets meme style video, Shermanology deliver visuals that share the fun spontaneity that their music exudes. It’s not totally out there to the point where you’re like what am I watching; in fact, it’s weirdness is tastefully done to the point that you’re going to watch it with pleasure a few times so you don’t miss any little detail. Check out the video below and if you haven’t purchased “Silly Games” yet, do so today.

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