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Ed Prosek – Shadows [TMN Premiere]

Ed Prosek

Once again we’ve been fortunate enough to have been graced with new music from American singer/songwriter Ed Prosek. This brilliant new release ‘Shadows’ is beautifully crafted by soft guitar picking, a relaxed drum beat and smooth vocals. Prosek delivers such an essence of comfort, despite reminding us of his story having left California and his home for something, and somewhere new.
Personable and intimate lyrical imagery, such as, ‘crooked smile’ draw us further in as listeners; bridging the gap between us and him, and the music. A liberating release of vocals crafts the powerful chorus, as if he’s letting go of the emotive tension carefully built throughout the heartfelt verses.
Elements of folk break through the piece, resembling some of his older music and initial stylistic features. However, rather than singing of a longing for home, ‘Shadows’ focuses on elements of acceptance, and conveys love for a city, time and a moment in life.
The bridge section is musically diminished to almost nothing, driven by a delicate guitar and piano section, before rising dramatically into an awesome final chorus: a stylistic element typical of Prosek’s songwriting.

Developing on the success of his EP ‘Truth’, released earlier this year, Ed has been spread across European radios and featured on Apple Music’s ‘Best of the week’, and there’s no wonder his music is increasingly gaining traction both online and live. He will be touring Germany throughout November, and we can expect an anticipated EP release due next Spring!

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[Pop] HONNE – No Place Like Home (Feat. Jones)

No Place Like Home (feat. JONES)

We always have something to think about when hanging with HONNE. They take us to the depths of our truest feelings as soon as they arrive and it’s easy to find some space to dive into. Feeling like there’s “No Place Like Home” can be especially strong when Andy and James bring their friend Jones along. Her impact is felt as the first artist to feature on an official HONNE single. Jones vocals match up perfectly with the precedent that has been set. This will find it’s rest on the recently released Over Lover EP, which is now available on Soundcloud, Spotify & iTunes. Let’s see what kind of remixes come out of this project.

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[Pop] HONNE- Loves The Jobs You Hate

Loves The Jobs You Hate

HONNE waste no time and immediately energize us one second into their brand new song “Loves The Jobs You Hate.” A perfect fit for the last song of the night, this is taken from the forthcoming Over Lover EP out on Tatemae Recordings/Atlantic Records on September 2nd. Since emerging with ‘Warm On A Cold Night‘ over a year ago, HONNE continue to hypnotize with their romantic music. They force you to listen to them differently than any other band–nobody does it like they do. On November 4th HONNE will play their first US show at Rough Trade in NYC, tickets here.

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[Alternative] Swimm – Belly


American Indie-rock duo SWIMM have just released their third single ‘Belly’ from their highly anticipated EP Beverly Hells, expected to be released on August 28th! Having performed at Noisey LA’s “TOO FAR” series on August 11th, it’s easy to understand why they’re becoming increasingly popular, especially along the west-coast. ‘Belly’s’ infectious guitar harmonies pull us closely into their Californian fashion, and along with Chris and Adam’s raspy vocals we’re instantaneously placed amidst the State of white beaches and packed bars.

The liberating guitar instrumental that proceeds the tightly moulded vocal harmony of ‘I’m so tired of running around’, shares a stylistic brilliance with the guitar solo within Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’, as Swimm seem to discretely encourage us to lose ourselves throughout these electrifying moments.

Whilst delving into the musical brilliance of this track, you may have a tendency to pass-by the underlying lyrical meaning. Dedicating each verse to individuals who are terribly important to him, Chris mentions “each of them has had all the potential in the world, but because of addictions of some kind have let and maybe are still letting that potential slip away.” Although this may be perceived as disheartening or sombre, I admire and respect the way ‘Swimm’ have captured and conveyed this lyric so positively through the music!

They will be performing at a large variety of venues over the coming months, including The Echo in LA on September 11th, and London Music Hall in London on November 11th, performing their other late releases, such as ‘All the time’ and ‘Beverly Hells’. Check out their full tour plan here.

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[TMN PREMIERE] MONAKR- Teardrop (Massive Attack Cover)

Teardrop (Massive Attack Cover)

Fresh off being announced on the second annual CRSSD festival in San Diego, MONAKR unleashes a cover of ‘Teardrop‘ by Massive Attack to keep things swirling. Lead singer Matthew Santos drives along the revamped production with a sense of power and fearlessness. This pretty tune successfully resuscitates a classic and showcases the band stepping outside their comfort zone. With an EP on the horizon, this Chicago-based four piece is set for a busy Summer. Both of their independently released singles (‘Calling Out‘ and ‘Diamond‘) debuted #20 on the Global and US Spotify Viral Charts, so it’s expected that a massive footprint will be made in the near future. MONAKR, born in the Winter of 2014, explores the deeper and darker side of pop music, filtered through Chicago’s R&B and House traditions. This Friday you can find them in their hometown at Lincoln Hall playing an official Pitchfork after-show with Celine Neon and Kinky Lovetickets here.

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The Kickdrums – Better [TMN Premiere]

The KickDrums

It’s an exciting time to be a fan of The Kickdrums. “Breathe Again” did some major damage on the radio and new music, whether solo or collaborative, has been popping up quite frequently. Today Alex makes us feel even “Better” with a brand new single set to be featured on his new solo effort releasing via 24west Records. This selflessly written tune will inspire those currently fighting for their significant other to take their efforts up a notch. His upcoming solo EP will be accompanied by a limited print 7″ blue vinyl of “Breathe Again,” making it one of the most enticing buys of the summer. The Kickdrums have played recent shows at Webster Hall, The Mint, and Brick & Mortar. Pre-order the new EP here.

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[Soul] Jojee – I Don’t Give A

I Don't Give A
New York-based singer Jojee released her first solo appearance song last week. It follows up a feature with Savoy and Sound Remedy on ‘Leaving You‘ that was released back in April. ‘I Don’t Give A’ takes on the simple yet profound model with its clean structure. Jojee will not be denied when accompanied by her pal Mickey Valen. The vocals dress his slink production in a seductive outfit that feels very comfortable. It’s an outfit capable of changing the mood quickly. These two will be teaming up for an album coming out soon.
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