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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November Round #4)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaDon’t get us wrong, we LOVE Thanksgiving, but maybe we should stop trying to fit all our gratefulness into one day and spread it out over 365 days x how ever many years we decide to inhabit this planet. It shouldn’t be that hard to find one thing we are thankful for in every new day, right? There’s got to be a kabillion things, big or small, we can list off that we might not even thing of. So starting today and everyday, appreciate something that makes you smile.  Today, we are grateful for unsigned musically inclined individuals, because without you, the Indie Dojo wouldn’t exist. And that….that would be a sad Tuesday.

’Mother – Easy’
’Sisters – Buzzard’
’Twin Forks – Cross My Mind’
’Day Wave – Nothing At All’
’Lade – Asleep’
’Waterstrider – Twice (Little Dragon Cover)’
’Mt. Wolf – Red’
’Osca – Trumpet’
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