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[Interview/Indie-Rock] The Shape Of The Earth


I think especially in the 06’s and 07’s too many bands came out trying to sound sentimental and pushing themselves to become the next Dashboard Confessional. This only resulted into a stream of whinny little emo bands across the nation, more so here in Florida where Dashboard was born.

Has it become so difficult to be a soft rock band that doesn’t incorporate moaning, screaming and prolonging vocals that feel like they had just woken up before recording.

It is refreshing to see guys like The Shape Of The Earth coming with sincere and intimate music that doesn’t come across pretentious. A balance between mellow melodies and genuine emotion, The Shape Of The Earth is able to warm your heart without getting under your skin while still leaving some ambiguity for your mind to ponder. Lyrics are generally positive and focus more on painting a picture than pouring emotions over a tune.

The Shape Of The Earth – Epilogue



The Shape Of The Earth – My Defects

’My Defects.mp3′


The Shape Of The Earth – An Audio Scribble (Rock Star Wannabe)

’07 An Audio Scribble (Rock Star Wannabe).mp3′


The Shape Of The Earth – Alone In This.mp3

’01 Alone In This.mp3′



They have a wonderful EP out titled “What Goes on Inside Your Cells” that contain some of my favorite songs from: Epilogue and My Defects. They have just released their debut LP and I had the wonderful chance to ask lead singer/songwriter Gavin Bascom a couple of questions about their music.

Q: First I would like to know how you came up with the band’s name, really curious to know if it in some way or another describes the movement behind your music.

Gavin Bascom: Well originally “The Shape Of The Earth” was the name of a song I’d written. I’d thought about the phrase a lot, and eventually thought it would be a good name; the nice thing about it is that it’s a good metaphor for how reality and perception of reality are both relative and absolute. To me the shape of the earth is both flat and round and sometimes hilly, all at the same time, while not really being any of those things alone, and you can’t describe in just one or two words. I wanted this project to have Continue reading

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