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[New] Michael Kiwanuka- Home Again

British singer/songriter Michael Kiwanuka is a fresh cup of coffee for a world of drowsy, early morning, soul music. Michael comes equipped with melodic guitars, light percussion, and a voice that’s somewhere between Otis Redding, Miles Davis, Bill Withers, and Robert Pattinson. The title track of his new CD, “Home Again”, is an introspective take on the comfort and safety of home, and how you long for it when you’re away.

Home again, Michael’s new album, will be out on March 26th 2012 on Mumford & Sons‘ Communion label. Pre-orders are available.

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[Soft Indie Pop] Looking Back at The Rosebuds

How does music like this come out of somewhere like North Carolina? A hauntingly beautiful vocal (sung by The Rosebuds Duo of Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp) is backed up by an equally beautiful guitar riff and a reverb heavy drum kit make this one of the most impressive songs that nobody knows about. The dark tone of ‘Life LIke’ is put together so nicely that it can be put together on repeat. So put it on repeat. Just hope that in the future The Rosebuds get a good marketing team behind them and maybe a good remix or two.

the-rosebuds-life-like-cover-4598The Rosebuds – Life Like

’01 Life Like.mp3′

The Rosebuds-Nice Fox


The Rosebuds – Get Up, Get Out (Bon Iver Remix)

’The Rosebuds – Get Up Get Out (Bon Iver Remix) ‘

The Hood Internet – None Shall Get Up Get Out (Aesop Rock Vs. The Rosebuds Mash-Up)
’The Hood Internet – None Shall Get Up Get Out (Aesop Rock Vs. The Rosebuds Mash
Up) ‘
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[Albums Review] Four Tet – There Is Love In You

Kieren Hebden’s latest album under the Four Tet moniker is, by a considerably margin, his strongest and most consistently rewarding release to date. Here, the beats are much less rooted in instrumental hip hop, and are more geared towards the dance floor. Instead of using complex or bloated chord changes, Hebden opts for methods practiced by composers like Manuel Göttshing, Wolfgang Voigt or Steve Reich with unchanging harmonic centers, using texture and volume to reveal the limitless potential of the sonic spectrum. Standout track “Plastic People” starts with a Gas-like steady bass drum pulse and adds understated, jazzy comps—hand claps, rim knocks, and up-beat pulsing shakers. These elements are methodically added to, and subtracted from the beat, maintaining a forward motion in a way that’s hardly noticeable but endlessly preservative of the track’s substructure. Read full review at inyourspeakers.com

Four-Tet-There-Is-Love-In-494433Four Tet – She Just Likes To Fight


Four Tet – Sing


Four Tet – Plastic People


Thom Yorke – Atoms For Peace (Four Tet Remix)

’Atoms For Peace (Four Tet Remix).mp3′
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[Fresh Indie] The Tins – The Green Room


Is there a better feeling than finding a talented new band? Not for me. Every so often music fans come across a young band that is far from amateur. They dazzle you from the start and make you wonder how they are not bigger. This is how I feel about a fantastic band from Buffalo, NY called The Tins. It with great excitement that I introduce these guys to you. www.weallwantsomeone.org

Our friend Will from the music blog We All Want Someone was kind enough to introduce us to this amazing soft indie rock band from NY called The Tins.

The Tins are about to release their self titled debut EP in the next couple of weeks and without a doubt one of the most impressive songs in this 5-track collection is “The Green Room”. A melodically rich song full of harmonious pop elements. It is really hard to call anything EPIC these days as saying so is sooo last century.. but I am going to have to agree with Will when describing the song, “It is a 7 minute epic that is finely constructed featuring great bridge transitions, hooks, and tight instrumentation.”

Give them a try and if you are like me, you will be consumed by their genuine indie pop/rock sound.

The Tins – The Green Room

’The Tins – The Green Room’
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[Acoustic] I Am In Love With Anya Marina…’s Voice


It is a fantastic feeling. The feeling of utter amazement, almost like what a kid feels as he visits a theme park for the first time. A music rush for this music junkie. Thanks to my stationary job I can afford to listen to music almost every day and every once in a while there is a song/artist that just hits closer to home than other.

Browsing around Sheena Beaston’s blog I came across the beautiful singer/songwriter Anya Marina from San Diego, California. A calm smoky voice softly covering the warm melodies of her acoustic guitar. It feels like Jazz, sounds a bit folky and it is full of enough alternative/pop elements to make your hands and feet move along to its charming rhythm.

On January of 2009 she released her latest album called Slow & Steady Seduction, Phase II. And just recently her cover of Whatever You Like by T.I. aired on the soundtrack of Gossip Girls. Covers are always great to hear but this song hits it out of the park. I really hope we see more of Anya Marina in 2010.

AnyaAnya Marina – Whatever You Like (T.I. Cover)

’Anya Marina – Whatever You Like (T.I. Cover).mp3′

Anya Marina -Satellite Heart

’Satellite Heart.mp3′

Anya Marina – All The Same To Me



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[Chillax] Soft, Minimalistic and Amazing: The Xx

Not sure why it took me so long to write about The Xx. If you follow other music blogs or music aggregators like hypem, elbows, or mog, it would have been impossible for you to miss them. They took the internet by storm with their soft mellow songs that were melodically rich and incredibly fresh music style.

The Xx minimalist approach to their music is the perfect example that less is most often better. They band from south west London, England released their album XX on 17 August 2009. Some polls made by music bloggers suggest that this album might be the best of 2009. Whether you agree or not, this album is a must when all you want to do is relax to good music.

The Xx – Island


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The Xx – Shelter (Them Jeans Drum Edit)


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The Xx – Basic Space


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The XX – Crystalised

’The XX – Crystalised.mp3′

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