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[Future Bass] MSTR ROGERS – Sooner Or Later

Sooner Or Later feat. Inka Wood

“Sooner Or Later” from the LA producer MSTR ROGERS has come to the fold thanks to Ultra Records. Coming off a #1 Spotify chart topper, MSTR ROGERS collaboration with the Aussie Inka Wood has the same potential of success. Out now on digital services, “Sooner Or Later” is a song you’ll be buying sooner rather than later.

Soft, smooth and delectable are some terms that come to mind while listening to this jam. Ultra Records is often known for it’s electrifying house records, but that doesn’t mean they don’t back amazing future tunes like this one. MSTR ROGERS is among a ton of talented artists on the roster, but he’s looking to establish himself as one of the top, go-to producers on the label. If he keeps putting out tunes like “Sooner Or Later” then he surely will succeed in that.

I just want people to feel good, and have fun in the process. Hopefully help them get a little lost for 3 or so minutes and escape the everyday! Whenever I create, I’m searching for that ‘moment’ for the audience.

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