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[Multi-Genre] Helena Legend – No Explanations, Pt. 2

We weren’t sure where Helena Legend was going to go with the second installment of her No Explanations EP, but we’re extremely happy with where it went. With another three songs she shows just where her song writing can take her, moving in yet another direction from her past works, including Pt. 1.

Collaborators this time around include Sophie Hintze and Sade Serena whose vocal work on the first two tracks are incredible. In mentioning the first two singles, “Ghost Ya” and “One Night,” we must say that the moombahton sound is not what we expected at all. Helena took to a sound that has given producer’s pop hits in the past and in doing so she’s rivaling some major tunes with her own big tracks. With the last song, “U Don’t Love Me” we get a heavy, but highly musical trap single that is completely different from the vibe brought about by the first two singles. Oddly enough, it fits. No Explanations Pt. 2 is out now through Sony/Ultra on all digital services for those looking to add this to their library.

’Ghost Ya (feat Sophie Hintze)’
’One Night (feat Sade Serena)’
’U Don’t Love Me’
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