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[EDM] Juicy M vs. Subshock & Evangelos – Psyhaus

Juicy M vs. Subshock & Evangelos

Now, the term “EDM” isn’t something we like to use to describe a record as a whole, however if we wrote psytrance and bass house, you might think us crazy. You might think Juicy M and Subshock & Evangelos crazy for making a track that smashes those sounds together, but they did it anyway and it’s a heater.

Released on Spinnin Records, the aptly named “Psyhaus” is basically two tracks in one. At first I thought it was a mash-up, but turns out this original came hot out the studio as is, sewing together two genres you wouldn’t really expect to hear together in this fashion. They took a risk and it worked out because this all out barrage of energy is just the kind of weird, unexpected thing dance music needs right now.

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[Music Video] Lucas & Steve x Brandy – I Could Be Wrong

I could be wrong, but if you’re around our ages (pretty much, millennials here in the dojo), then you remember Brandy. The esteemed Grammy winning singer and brother of Ray J has had an amazing career in the mainstream world, but now she’s jumped into dance music via a feature on “I Could Be Wrong” by Lucas & Steve.

The Netherlands duo landed a big one with “I Could Be Wrong” on Spinnin’ Records & Big Beat. The progressive laced record is a Summer time house jam that will give you some nostalgia. Not only has the song come, but a music video as well. It’s a fun, playful visual that toys with California cliches – the beach, skateboarding etc. – in a way that is simple, yet engaging. It has us wanting to dance in the sand underneath the California sunshine.

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[Trap] BEAUZ & Lenii – Not That Brave

“Not That Brave” is a new collaborative single by BEAUZ and Lenii. Released through the Spinnin’ Records umbrella this original single is a fantastic production that straddles the line between radio friendly and underground ready.

It’s got its poppy influences and for the most party, it’s a clean record despite it’s use of hard-nosed basses to spice things up. In using those sharp subtleties against the backdrop of a radio-friendly song, BEAUZ and Lenii offer up a dynamic song that’s accessible to multiple crowds within and outside of the dance music community. It’s not easy cooking up something this accessible, but they succeeded with a wonderful record.

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[House] Two Friends Ft. Kevin Writer – While We’re Dreaming

Two Friends Ft. Kevin Writer
While We're Dreaming [OUT NOW]

There’s no stopping Two Friends. The lively duo are back with another original single on SOURCE. “While We’re Dreaming” features Kevin Writer and is fit with the duo’s iconic upbeat sound.

Two Friends really did something cool with this single offering up a sound that isn’t something we hear regularly. To describe this song as fun would simply be an understatement as it is jam packed with light-hearted energy and fervor. The song’s structure sees things growing from beginning to end, adding in elements to keep the listener far from becoming dulled. It’s certainly a dreamy track and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Grab your copy today.

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[Electronic] SLANDER & YOOKiE – One Life feat. Zach Sorgen

Two of trap’s heavyweights collided on a massive single, but it is not what you’d expect. “One Life” sees SLANDER and YOOKiE diving into a totally different sonic territory than what we’re used to, but they didn’t falter in doing so.

Released on Spinnin Records, this three-way collaboration with vocalist Zach Sorgen is a cosmic creation with some future undertones. We wouldn’t go as far as calling it future bass, but it certainly shares some influence from the genre while taking it a different direction to new heights. The soft Summer single is a smash release that we’ll come to again and again as Summer comes to a close. If you want a copy, grab one on digital stores today.

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SELVA & Zerky – Make Me Wanna [TMN Premiere]

SELVA & Zerky
Make Me Wanna [OUT NOW]

Spinnin Records enters the dojo with a new single from their upcoming Brazilian Bass compilation. In this premiere we have for you the collaboration between SELVA and Zerky on “Make Me Wanna” that we could not pass up.

“Make Me Wanna” is a vivacious house record. It’s much more than your usual house track though with a vocal that is up at the top of our favorites list for this year. It’s too catchy not to love. The same goes for the instrumental, whose bassline will take over your mind and never let go. “Make Me Wanna” will also take over your body and get you dancing all season long. It’s the a proper Summer track you need. Get your exclusive first listen today!

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[Electronic] Two Friends Ft. Cosmos & Creature – Out Of Love (Sean Turk Remix)

Sean Turk keeps the heat coming with a remix for Two Friends. The duo’s collaboration with Cosmos & Creature got a sweet makeover from Sean himself, who shows us a new side to his sound with this single.

Released as a free download through Spinnin Records, Sean’s version of “Out Of Love” is a genre-defying hit. It doesn’t exactly fit neatly into one box, unless that box’s label has two thumbs up on it. Sean’s usual bedroom bass sound, a take on future, has seduced us, but he’s been giving us some variation lately that just goes to show where he can take things if he so chooses. Sean Turk remains one of the brightest new talents and this remix is just one of the many reasons proving that.

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