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[Indie/Electronic] Stalgia – Spirit Animal

Spirit Animal

If Stalgia isn’t on your radar, then take your radar and restart it with Stalgia at the top. The LA duo has only been around with this project for less than a year, but they’ve already managed to turn heads and sway listeners all across the world.

“Spirit Animal” is their latest single, a soothing indie meets electronic expression inspired by a lullaby from one of the member’s childhood. There is a certain hypnotic vibe to this song that echoes the essence of a lullaby. It whisks you away out of this world into a relaxed state where the worries of the world cannot reach you. “Spirit Animal” is a special record, so don’t be stingy and keep this one for yourself; rather, share it around with your friends and family so they don’t make the mistake of sleeping on Stalgia.

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