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[Indie/Electronic] Stalgia – Talk To My Skin

Talk To My Skin

As far as indie duos go, Stalgia is at the top of our list. They haven’t put out a bad song yet, or even a mediocre one. Their latest lands itself in either the awesome or incredible category. “Talk To My Skin” will give you goosebumps all over your body from start to finish.

The first few bars are almost haunting, but in an inviting way that lures you in, then the vocal hits and you’re whisked away. Stalgia has you in their clutches, but you don’t mind. This subtle, yet beautiful track is absolutely heavenly, with a progression that couldn’t have been written better. Things build from beginning to end, taking you on a journey. It’s more than just a song and you WILL feel it.

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[Indie/Electronic] Stalgia – Spirit Animal

Spirit Animal

If Stalgia isn’t on your radar, then take your radar and restart it with Stalgia at the top. The LA duo has only been around with this project for less than a year, but they’ve already managed to turn heads and sway listeners all across the world.

“Spirit Animal” is their latest single, a soothing indie meets electronic expression inspired by a lullaby from one of the member’s childhood. There is a certain hypnotic vibe to this song that echoes the essence of a lullaby. It whisks you away out of this world into a relaxed state where the worries of the world cannot reach you. “Spirit Animal” is a special record, so don’t be stingy and keep this one for yourself; rather, share it around with your friends and family so they don’t make the mistake of sleeping on Stalgia.

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[Music Video] Stalgia – Bdy

Our friends over at Crooked Paintings have a ton of great stuff going on. One of their acts, Stalgia, is a big part of that. The group’s latest single “Bdy” was released back in November, but February has seen the unveiling of a fantastic music video.

“Bdy” is easily one of our favorite music videos. It’s visually striking with a concept that is down to Earth. A lot of music videos nowadays can be quite perplexing and it’s their provocative nature that shakes things up in the viewer, but with Stalgia’s video we get a captivating set of images that doesn’t prey on listeners with shock. It’s a simple, artistic video to go along with a song that is just as beautiful as its counterpart. View the video below and if you haven’t copped the single, head over to iTunes to add it to your library.

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