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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 224)

Today is the first Friday of Decemeber, so we’re kicking in the last month of 2016 with some super solid records from some of our favorite up and coming producers. The list runs on, but some of who you may find include KRNE, Rad Cat, Dusty Bits and Twine. As usual, we collected a dozen of our favorite free downloads from over the past week and put them all together for you right here in the Friday Party Playlist. Take us with you to your function tonight, blast the tunes and have yourself a ball. If you need more music, there are 223 other editions of this playlist you can rummage through! No matter what you decide to do, when you turn on these records, make sure to do us a favor and #danceirresponsibly.

’KRNE x SAINTS – Numb’
’FRND – Friend (Steve James Remix)’
’tarro x plvtinum – champagne & sunshine (rad cat remix)’
’Intermodal – Cut Loose’
’Dusty Bits – Out Of Love’
’Matroda – Silhouettes (Original Mix)’
’NeoTune! X TobiMorrow – Free WiFi’
’Black Beatles – Bombs Away & Komes Psy ish Remix’
’THE WOLVES (ChooKy Remix)’
’Shivaji – Make Moves’
’Atrophia – Within A Dream’
’Twine – ROADHOG’
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Steve James – Renaissance feat. Clairity (ARMNHMR Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Steve James ft. Clairity
Renaissance (ARMNHMR Remix)

By the end of 2015, Steve James was making huge waves with his debut original track “Renaissance”, as we did a fun interview with him and got to understand his style of music a little better. Fast forward to four months later, the producer from Pittsburgh is set to release the “Renaissance” remixes compilation with the help of some talented friends.

Joseph Chung and Joseph Abella, together as ARMNHMR decided to add their own spin to the wonderful track and absolutely crushed it. Known for having a wide range of sounds, you never know what to expect from the two producers, and this remix is yet another genuine surprise. The melody-driven buildup gets straight to the point, and the vocals provide an infectious melody that will make you sing along to every word. The two different drops definitely highlight this track and provide some electrifying synth work, together with throbbing drums and occasional breaks.

ARMNHMR is no stranger to the dance scene, and this remix of “Renaissance” perfectly exemplifies that. We definitely look forward to more exciting tracks by the two Josephs in the near future.

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Steve James Talks EDM, Justin Bieber and His Original Single [TMN Interview]

Steve James Interview 2
(PC: Elliott Brockelbank)

Having charted at No.1 five times (going on six) on Hype Machine, Stephen Philibin a.k.a Steve James has become one of the fastest-rising stars of the electronic music community. If you google his name, you would probably also find out that the 17-year-old musician is being credited as one of the producers behind Justin Bieber‘s “Purpose”, which is the title track off the Biebs’ new album. That’s a HUGE accomplishment for any 17-year-old kids, let alone somebody like Steve who grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania. Needless to say, we’re honored to be able to ask Steve a few questions that our readers are dying to know the answer to. Listen to his first original track “Renaissance” featuring Clairity below, and check out our exclusive interview after the jump.

’Steve James – Renaissance (feat. Clairity)’

TMN: Pleasure to have you here with us Steve.

Thanks for having me, I’m looking forward to this!

TMN: First of all, congrats on the release of your first original track “Renaissance”! Not many 17-year-olds can say they’ve accomplished half of what you’ve done. Can you tell us a little bit about your passion for making music and how it all started?

Thanks on Renaissance – I’m super excited about that track! As for how it all started, I’ve actually always wanted to be a musician. I grew up playing the piano since age 3 or 4, I always enjoyed doing things by ear rather than reading music, and was always a fan of synthetic sounds like what Owl City was making, or the Postal Service. When I was 12, my older brother gave me his old macbook for christmas which had a program called Djay on it which I used to start mixing tracks. As soon as I learned about producer/dj’s, I was sold. I started putting a lot more time into learning how to use ableton than learning how to mix. It was after seeing Avicii (my all time favorite producer/dj) live for the first time that I said to myself, “Alright, that’s how I wanna spend the rest of my life.” I guess that was like, 2012, so I had just turned 14 haha. I was lucky to catch onto that so early, but from there it was just evenings and weekends in ableton trying to make uplifting/positive music.

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[Progressive House] Oh Wonder – All We Do (Steve James Remix)

Oh Wonder
All We Do (Steve James Remix)

Oh Wonder has become one of our favorite’s acts to see blossom over the past couple of months. Their combination of female and male vocal counterparts and monthly release schedule have kept the flow of music in just the right amount, but every release seems to be more passionate than its predecessor (even when we think this is not possible). The indie-electronic pair’s single “All We Do” has received its fair share of remixes, but 16-year-old producer Steve James just blew them all out of the water with his rework of the emotional single.

Despite his youth, Steve James has only been shooting upward with his aggressive yet uplifting remixes of ZHU, Dillon Francis, and many more, but this remix of Oh Wonder by the Pittsburgh producer may be his most gorgeous masterpiece to date. Providing a sentimental piano line to add depth to duo’s heart-wrenching croons, James pours empathy, grief, fervor, and love into a synth toppling that could be defined progressive house and progressive trance. Regardless of the label, Steve James’s remix resembles the early works of Arty and Armin van Buuren who pioneered the progressive trance/progressive house movements.

His remix of “All We Do” is only available for free download for 24 hours so be sure to grab your own copy here before tomorrow at noon.

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[Progressive House] Ellie Goulding – Beating Heart (Steve James Remix)

Ellie Goulding
Beating Heart (Steve James Remix)

Progressive house is the gift that keeps on giving. While the spotlight of the electronic music scene has shifted onwards to big room house, future bass, and trap, progressive house producers continue to churn out excellent product like it’s 2011 in Sweden all over again. Steve James just might be the future of the subgenre so it’s with great pleasure that we are able to share this one today. Ellie Goulding is a supreme being and every producer dreams about the day when they can make their own remix of her ethereal talent. James takes that step in his career with “Beating Heart”. It’s a gorgeous melody interwoven beautifully with Ellie’s vocals and you can expect this one to be a TMN favorite for months to come!

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