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[Event] Go In The Studio With STINT To Break Down “Weight in Gold”

Weight in Gold

It’s not often you get a chance to see exactly how a song from a Grammy nominated album was put together. However, now we’re getting a chance to thanks to Noiselab who’s new course with STINT will show you how the illustrious “Weight in Gold” single from Gallant was made.

This isn’t something we’d usually share, but the fact that you can enroll for free, we just couldn’t pass up. For the interested music lover or the hardcore producer, the course gives you an interesting, one-of-a-kind look into the creation of our generations most iconic singles. If for some reason you’ve never heard the song – which is basically impossible – give it a listen here and check out the Noiselab course page for more information around the course. We’ve already ran through it and it’s worth the time!

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[Indie] STINT X DiRTY RADiO – As Long As You’re With Me

As Long As You're With Me

On one rainy day in Vancouver, “As Long As You’re With Me” was born. The musical combination of STINT and DiRTY RADiO are what created this substantial song. It has hints of indie, R&B, and electronic, making it widely accessible to listeners of all sorts. Usually when pinning down a tune that has a lot of emotion, there’s nothing really that can be latched onto as evidence as to why one particular song is more impactful than another, and the same goes for this song. Rather, the culmination of parts leads us to feel the vibes, which can even be said for STINT, who states he doesn’t like to listen to his own tracks. There’s an exception to every rule, and for his, “As Long As You’re With Me” is it. It’s one of those records that you just have to hear to enjoy, and enjoy you will. As of now, there is a limited free download, so get to it!

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[Indie Dance] Niia – Body (Stint Remix)

Body [Stint Remix]

Organically created, Stint‘s new remix is a beacon of light letting us know that Ajay is still here and well. Upon hearing Niia’s “Body,” a flow of creativity burst through him and the present track was born. It’s a chilling indie influenced production that has a slight groovy undertone to it. Although the vibe is similar to the original, the style is shifted, shedding a new light on the 2014 track. Stint’s version feels less synthetic, making it more accessible to listeners. Never underestimate’s Stint’s musical ability, even if we haven’t heard from the cat in a bit. He’s hard at work, and he’s got more coming. You can stream this while you wait for all his unreleased goodies to come, and heart it on Hypem.

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