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[Multi-Genre] Brig – Summer Melancholy EP

Russia’s favorite pirate, Brig, has made his return to Daily Earfood with his newest EP, Summer Melancholy. Two months ago, Brig had a few single releases come out, but now his full blown EP is here to shake the end of Summer up.

Now that Summer is coming to a close, this is the perfect time for a project by the name of Summer Melancholy. Despite the second half of its name, the EP boasts a tone that is more in line with the current season. Lighthearted synths blaze a trail through four singles that have Brig pushing a more future bass and 8bit style than his usual heavy sound. With the opening song, we’re instantly met with devouring piano chords then quickly move into a bass-driven single that certainly lives up to the fact that it is the title track. “Extreme” comes next with a burst of energy that makes it one of the best tunes off the project. Both “Kingdom” and “Wake Up” are grand creations, but we feel that the first half of the EP is a tad bit stronger than the second half. All four great singles, so don’t be skipping any. Check them out below and if you would like to grab the EP, you can do so for free!

’Brig – Summer Melancholy’
’Brig – Extreme’
’Brig – Kingdom’
’Brig – Wake Up’
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