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[House/Breaks] Pegboard Nerds – Swamp Thing

Pegboard Nerds
Swamp Thing

Monstercat is home to many acts, with one of those being Pegboard Nerds, who might just be the biggest on the roster. The duo keep things interesting by delving into various genres, and with their newest track “Swamp Thing” they take things to a whole new level. There are songs out there who take the route of cutting time to go from house to trap, but that wasn’t enough for this monster. The nerds do that, yes, but they also bring us some quality breakbeat action on top that makes this record one explosive piece of work. “Swamp Thing” is one of the quirkiest things you’re going to hear, and you are going to love it just as much as we do; we’re sure of it. iTunes currently has the record available for you to purchase. Just like Shia says, just do it!

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