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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (August 2015 Round #2)


There is not a day in our existence that is absolutely predictable. Sure, you can get an idea of how your day might go, but in all reality, life is gonna do what life is gonna do. Unless its Tuesday. Then you can be 99.99% sure there will be at least 5 songs pieced together into a pretty little playlist right here, waiting just for you. Who knows what will happen in that remaining .01% of the unknown, but hey, at least you have some sweet new indie tunes to listen to.

’Jamie Brooks – sea of thorns’
’Terence Ryan – Sweet Alchemy’
’Keenan O’Meara – Rainstorms’
’From Indian Lakes – “Runner” (Ansible Remix)’
’Morningsiders – Dots’
’Benjamin – The Ocean Swears it Won’t Be Easy – Benjamin’
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