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[Trap] The 95ers – Work Hard Play Harder EP

If you’re looking to get your hands on something fresh right out of the oven, then you’ve come to the right place. A brand new project has come about called The 95ers. When Dirty Monkey isn’t cooking up his usual dose of dubstep (and other various genres) and Amp Live isn’t paving his own lane, these two dynamic creators are taking care of this brainchild – which also means Dirt Monkey must live in his studio, because he also has another side project with Jantsen called Soltri.

The 95ers kick things off with a strong first step via the Work Hard Play Harder EP. With five saucy singles, this EP is almost too hot to handle. Trap with various flavors and sounds is what makes up most of the project, with tracks like the introductory “Lean” and “Man On Fire” bringing some much needed flair to the genre. Trap isn’t all we get though, as the duo shift the pace with the break-driven “Jump” that is hype AF. You can get Work Hard Play Harder all for free, which is highly advised.

’Plane Slayers’
’Man On Fire’
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