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[Dubstep] Bassrush Massive: The Album

If you’re into bass music, then Bassrush is a name that is all too familiar. The multi-avenue entity has been killing it with their events, media platform and now label. Today marks the start of Bassrush Massive and to celebrate the crew has released The Album, a compilation of dubstep and drum & bass records to either get you warmed up for the event, or remedy some of your FOMO. The compilation runs nineteen tracks deep with works from the likes of Caspa, Spag Heddy, Boogie T, SQUNTO and so many more. Without further adieu, if you’re ready to headbang, so are we. Click that play button!

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[Album Review] The White Album – The Album

Danish indie folk band The White Album make it difficult to do two things. One is to stop humming their catchy melodies, and the other is to google them. Seriously, you’ll wade through ten feet of Beatles references before you find them… But, like sifting for gold, it’s worth it when you find the treasure you’re looking for.

The Album has been getting the band a lot of attention, championing them over twenty thousand plays on their bandcamp in only seven months and earning them play on the UK’s Amazing Radio. In fact, they’ve stirred up such a buzz that The Album was listed as one of NPR’s 5 best albums of 2011.

The Album itself plays to the strengths of the three members of the band and never veers too far off of the beaten path in either direction, balancing a tight rope of what works for them and managing nineteen minutes of nonstop quality.

When the┬ámusic does shift in style it’s because the lineup has changed roles and a different member is trying his hand at lead vocals. While “Guns and Ammunition” has taken the lead in the race for becoming a single, songs like “December” or “The Line” do just as well to showcase the ability of the band. Count on light percussion, banjo, acoustics, and lots of awesome harmonies to keep you coming back for more.

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