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[Indie Dance] The Code – F**K

The Code

The collection of musical artists that call themselves The Code have come out with a provocative new single called “F**K.” Their unique style of indie electronic takes from sounds ranging from R&B to dubstep. Although the production is a midtempo four-to-the-floor groove machine, it’s iconic wubs are an example of taking something from one genre, and bringing it to another in a brand new way. This self-release is proof that independently released records can A. be awesome, and B. be successful releases, as this song has gathered over 60,000 plays since being uploaded to Soundcloud. As far as sales go, we don’t have those numbers, but if you would like to add to them, then you may do so on iTunes. Buying music is falling by the wayside, however this is a record that we say is worth the minuscule fee. It’s alluring tones can’t be shaken.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (June 2014 Round #4)


It’s Tuesday morning. It’s almost summer. It’s time for an Indie Dojo.

’Tora – Overcome feat. Potato Potato’
’Jack + Eliza – Hold The Line’
’Bootleg Rascal – Overflow’
’The Code – 9.46’
’Nouv Shy – Self’
’Henrik José – Fallacy (Exclusive)’


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