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[Alt-Pop] The Japanese House- Teeth

The Japanese House
London-based 19-year-old Amber Bain is The Japanese House. She recently teamed up with fellow Dirty Hit Records comrades George Daniel & Matthew Healy of The 1975 for production on ‘Teeth’- the third release from her debut EP. Available April 27th, Pools to Bathe In is an intimate, personal play from this young and exciting songstress truly pushing the boundaries of listeners. The layering of her vocals on this record creates a distinct energy sure to test those who may stumble upon it. Her first two singles are available on Soundcloud for your pleasure and also be sure to pre-order the Pools to Bathe In EP on iTunes.
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (April 2015 Round #1)


Change, oh change, oh change. It sure ain’t easy. You get yourself all settled in your comfort zone and then good ol’ change comes a knocking on your door. As hard as it may seem at the moment, we have to learn to embrace it as best as we can. And honestly, there will always be some things that remain the same. Like the Indie Dojo posted every Tuesday morning. If you need something to ground yourself until the dust of change finally settles, we’ll be there. We’ll be the cactus to your dusty desert if you will. Take that however you please.

’The Landing – Then Comes The Wonder’
’Morning Harvey – Smith Street Swap Meet’
’Pocket Panda – Setting Sun’
’The Japanese House – Pools To Bathe In’
’Josh The Cat – Let’s Start’
’Oh Sister – For The Dales’
’Dana Sipos – Portraits’
’The Lake Poets – Dead Horses’
’Jack R Reilly – My First Panic Attack’
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