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[House] LondonBridge – Sound Of The Underground: The Remixes

LondonBridge has arrived with Sound Of The Underground: The Remixes and it is a house head’s dream come true. This collection of three remixes is just the right mix of sounds to augment the already spectacular original “Sound Of The Underground” that dropped on the EP with the same name.

If you haven’t checked out the clubby original, we’ve got you covered below alongside the remixes. First we start out with TYPE3‘s electro infused beast that has the most oomph on the project. Morelia comes next with an undeniably unique take that is unlike most of the house music that comes through the dojo. Lastly Zendlo takes us home with a deep and techy flip to round out the EP. All together these are just the remixes that LondonBridge’s original needed. What makes this project even better is each remix is available as a free download!

’LondonBridge – Sound Of The Underground’
Sound Of The Underground (TYPE3 Remix)’
Sound Of The Underground (Morelia Remix)’
Sound Of The Underground (Zendlo Remix)’
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[Multi-Genre] Feder – Back For More The Remixes EP

Feder‘s “Back For More” is a fresh one, but he didn’t stop with his own single. In comes Back For More The Remixes EP, complete with three takes of Feder’s futuristic original featuring Daecolm. The EP has come via Big Beat, so you know you’re getting some quality remixes.

If you haven’t checked out the original, we’ve included it below to kick off the tunes. To kick off the remixes, we must seek Mr. Belt and Wezol, whose vibrant house flip officially leads us into the EP. This may be our favorite, but don’t let that dissuade you from continuing, as the next two remixes are hot hot hot. Betical kicks up a future meets house hybrid that is tasty to the ears. Rrotik’s darker remix gives a brand new feel to the song that none of the others have. If you’d like the remix EP, go on to iTunes for a copy.

’FEDER “Back For More”‘
’Feder “Back For More” feat Daecolm (Mr. Belt & Wezol Remix)’
’Feder “Back For More” feat Daecolm (Betical remix)’
’Feder “Back For More” feat Daecolm (Rrotik Remix)’
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