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[Multi-Genre] Throttle feat. David Spekter – Together (The Remixes)

Throttle‘s original single “Together,” with David Spekter was a progressive house track we could get behind. Now, four remixes of that record have come out officially from PRMD Music/ICONS Music by way of Together (The Remixes) EP. Hellberg starts things off with his classic progressive take. The Los Angeles representative Templeton gets deep with his minimal interpretation, which we covered more in depth last week, and Spenda C gets wild with a remix that jumps all over the sound map. Shanahan brings the festival friendly sound to the remix, and closes out the EP with a bang. Each record brings its own flavor to the table, chalking this up as a project that has it all, unless you’re exclusively a basshead. For those of you looking to bag the full EP, Beatport has you covered.

’Throttle Feat. David Spekter – Together (Hellberg Remix)’
’Throttle Feat. David Spekter – Together (Templeton Remix)’
’Throttle Feat. David Spekter – Together (Spenda C Remix)’
’Throttle Feat. David Spekter – Together (Shanahan Remix)’
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[Future] Deon Custom – Together

Deon Custom

Deon Custom hops back on Monstercat with his latest original single called “Together.” First he brought forth “Roses,” and now he’s returned with an equally amazing future production. Deon has quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with, as he hasn’t released a single subpar record this year. His continued improvement is more evident than ever on “Together.” It shares the signature style that the Netherlands producer has become known for, however keeps it fresh by never letting the sound get old. He manages to pack emotion in every composition, earning fans along the way. “Together” is up for grabs on iTunes for those looking to add it to their library today.

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[Progressive House] Throttle – Together (feat. David Spekter)

Together (feat. David Spekter)

For a few weeks now, there has been an ICONS release from Throttle that has been on repeat on Spotify. “Together” with David Spekter is that jam, which is now out for all on digital outlets and Soundcloud. Robbie Bergin, aka Throttle, keeps things melodic with this progressive original that has a little more groove than we’re used to experiencing with a song of this nature. This makes it even more powerful on the dancefloor, as you can actually dance instead of simply throwing your hands up in the air and jumping up and down. The Melbourne producer’s dirty disco style even comes through despite the shift in sound. “Together” is a captivating single that you can purchase for yourself today. Beatport has you covered.

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[Deep House] Cazzette – Together (Ft. Newtimers)

“Together” is the latest track from Cazzette, who teamed up with the fellow Swedes Newtimers. Out on Spotify now, this single is has the act flexing the deep house guns for another smash hit. Cazzette can’t be stopped, let’s face it. “Together” has a little more spunk than the usual deep track, meaning this one has a bit more energy behind it; yet, it doesn’t jump out at you and take away from the club-friendly vibe of the style. Many producers will use classic elements from genres and create something that is mediocre, whereas Cazzette took them, added some original flare and conjured up something special. Have a listen for yourself and enjoy the groove.

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Paradise feat. Grace – Together (Festival Mix) [TMN Premiere]

Together feat. Grace (Festival Mix)

“Together” is one of those tracks that will catch you by surprise. Paradise and Grace give The Music Ninja the opportunity to premiere the festival mix of their aforementioned collaboration. A move from a progressive sound to a more big room one is where things are taken; and to our surprise, everything clicks with this song.

Grace’s powerfully elegant performance holds down much of the track, even creeping in sixteen measures after the melodic chorus drops in. Festival mixes can go haywire quickly, but Paradise worked some magic just in time for the Spring season and he didn’t just cop out. The Texas producer put together a solid mix that minds and ears need to be open to. Get your party pants on too, because it’s time to turn things up! Just kidding, it’s Monday morning. Coffee time?

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