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[Music Ninja Radio] Episode 109: Rainy Choonz

Music Ninja Radio is a weekly podcast recorded and broadcast live on San Francisco’s BFF.fm  from 4-6PM PST every Friday. 

Music Ninja Radio
Episode 109: Rainy Choonz

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With rain coming down in SF, this week’s episode came together just at the right time. After a multiple year hiatus, The Music Ninja’s weekly Sunday Night Soul returned last weekend. To celebrate, I had Ninja Baseer put together the first couple segments with a mix of soulful, forward-leaning R&B tunes. After touching on the dissociative pysch rock of Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s latest album, the remainder of the show was dedicated to hazy, lo-fi house. Anchored by a selection Ross From Friends stellar Brainfeeder debut, the last hour hits right in the late night feels.

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[Electronic Soul] Tom Misch – Crazy Dream

Tom Misch
Crazy Dream (feat. Loyle Carner)

Tom Misch is the epitome of cool. We don’t mean the contrived and aloof kind of cool, but the calm and collected type that can create some of the smoothest music out right now. “Crazy Dream” explores the hip-hop side of Tom’s production, allowing for Loyle Carner to fire off his effortless verses between catchy choruses.

Not only is this song another solid release in a long list of great Tom Misch creations, but it also is the second single off of his upcoming Reverie EP that’s due out on July 15th. It goes without saying that we’re eagerly awaiting the rest of this project and will be repeatedly enjoying “Crazy Dream” until then. Finish off your day right with this slick track.

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[Indie Dance] Tom Misch – Sunshine

Tom Misch

It’s the time of year when people are outside enjoying the sunshine. The thing about Tom Misch‘s “Sunshine” is it can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. London’s youngster, who’s not old enough to drink in the US yet, is a producer and musician who worked up a soothing original work that is about as catchy as you can get. The indie production makes use of acoustic elements, like the riveting guitar riffs, which have proven as a strong suit for Tom in his creations. For those of you who are in Vegas, you’ll want to grab this track for your ride back home, as it will mellow you out from all the EDC chaos. Anybody can grab the song on iTunes now, and we suggest you do. Toss it on repeat, and enjoy.

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