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[Chill] Stwo – Frontiers (“Tour Life” – Rashiid Remix)

Frontiers (Tour Life - The After Remix)

You could try and find Rashiid on the soil of San Francisco, but you won’t find much about him on the Internet. Re-posted on Soundcloud by producer, Stwo, the dubbed “Tour Life” remix for “Frontiers” is powerful. As soon as it begins it feels epic. You’re really lucky to have found such a settling tune today. “1005 hands clapping again.”  Rashiid flaunts his ability to both rap and sing on such a stunning instrumental. All sorts of talent on display here. There is something really so special about his voice that will propel this song all over the place. It puts you in a mood that’s easy to enjoy. Being just his second release, it’s exciting that we’re just getting to know Rashiid. This serves as a follow-up to “The Bill Collector“, a remix to “See” by Tycho. Gear up for more from this potential breakout star of 2015. “So many nights I’m goin dumb to get this money ya’ll.”

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