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[House] OMI – Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)

Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)

Having already conquered the charts in 18 countries, German producer/DJ, Felix Jaehn, is setting his sights on America with his tropical house rendition of OMI’s “Cheerleader.” The up-and-coming star has grown alongside the rising deep house movement, gaining steam with his unique blend of sun-soaked instruments, uplifting melodies, and beautiful vocals. His remix of OMI’s hit “Cheerleader” serves as the perfect introduction to the world for the immensely talented youngster, as the mellow personality and strong composition of the track shine through. Coming from a classically trained background, Jaehn’s musical talent is clearly evident in this track, as it boasts a strong instrumental base of rich piano chords, stirring trumpet harmonies, and stunning saxophone riffs that come together to give the track a summer lovin’ vibe.

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[House] MYNGA feat. Cosmo Klein- Back Home (Bender Remix)

MYNGA feat. Cosmo Klein- Back Home (Bender Remix)

Trying to get through the mid-week struggle? Here’s a tune that’ll help you. Jersey-based producer Bender just remixed the popular track by MYNGA, featuring vocals from Cosmo Klein. While the original is a tropical masterpiece and crowd-pleaser, Bender’s take on the song adds the deep factor to it. Cosmo Klein’s falsetto-filled vocals steal the spotlight as usual, which gives off a positive vibe with such soulful and powerful maneuvers. The saxophone also helps bring up the tropical sense of the track, making it an overall pleasant and enjoyable listen. Check out these artists as they are ones to watch for the come up of tropical music. You don’t want to miss out!

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[Tropical House] Kygo – Firestone (ft. Conrad)

Firestone (Ft. Conrad)

Here it is! The much anticipated, first ever original track by tropical powerhouse Kygo is upon us! Teaming up with Australian singer Conrad, who wrote the lyrics to “Firestone”, Kygo is taking a big leap towards making tropical house a household sound. This one gets us right in the feels. It starts off with some subtle piano chords that gradually fade in. Conrad’s powerful vocals definitely catch our attention and add character to the tune. Kygo’s signature melodic synth is featured in the beat drop. Being that is emotionally driven, this track is potentially becoming a club anthem to many.

We are very excited to share this new Kygo music with you all. Stay tuned for more collaborations and originals from the Norwegian producer!

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[Tropical House] MYNGA feat. Cosmo Klein – Back Home (Thomas Jack Remix)

MYNGA feat. Cosmo Klein
Back Home (Thomas Jack Remix)

I’m sure by this time you all have grown familiar with tropical house music, following the revival of house music. Being one of the front runners of the subgenre, Thomas Jack never disappoints, coming out with this remix originally by MYNGA and Cosmo Klein titled “Back Home”. This juicy remix is the epitome of Mr. Jack’s talents and what his music represents. The uplifting guitar riffs and upbeat saxophone melodies steal the spotlight for this track. The clever incorporation of Cosmo Klein’s falsetto vocals into the tune also adds finesse and originality without overdoing it with Thomas Jack’s own elements.

There’s no doubt tropical house is going to be a household sound very soon. It is artists like Thomas Jack who helps set an impeccably high standard for the genre, without losing character in creating unique music for all of us. Stay tuned for more!

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[Chill] Imagine Dragons – It’s Time (Matoma Tropical Remix)

Imagine Dragons
It's Time (Matoma Tropical Remix)

We’re not running short on tropical house remixes by any means this weekend so let’s just keep churning them out with Matoma’s newest effort, his own rendition of Imagine Dragons’ “It’s Time”. Good Imagine Dragons remixes are too few and far between however, when one off them strikes gold, it’s an absolute treasure.  Matoma, as you know, is one of many Norwegian producers to try their hand at the tropical vibe and he does it extremely well, producing his own gorgeous melodies that will leave you with a smile on your face long after the song has ended.

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[Chill] Only Girl – Feel It (Thero Remix)

Only Girl
Feel It (Thero Remix)

Thero has been on a tear recently with his own unique brand of tropical house remixes. On the surface, you may not think much of it due to everyone and their mother wearing a Hawaiian shirt and calling themselves a producer these days, but Thero truly has the production chops to make a career in this business, even in other genres. On his latest spin, he takes on relatively unknown indie starlet Only Girl, transforming the soulful original in an energetic tribute to the final days of summer. Obviously, I can’t personally insure his staying power alone, so be sure to check more of Thero out; you won’t be disappointed!

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