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[Electronic] Dooqu – How Long (feat. Trove)

How Long (ft. Trove)

Denmark’s Dooqu teamed up with the Australian vocalist Trove to create “How Long.” The light-hearted, but lively single was just released through the Heroic Recordings imprint. It’s just the type of track you’d expect from the label, but even at that Dooqu did something especially notable with this song.

Future bass is an easy genre to water down. “How Long” doesn’t even come close to being a cheesy re-up on a style that is and has been hype for quite some time. What we get here is something funky and fresh. It’s familiar, but different all at the same time. Trove’s performance on this is a highlight; he makes sure to standout instead of simply standing by and that’s the mark of a special singer. We’d love to hear more from these two, both together or separately, as they each bring something unique to the table. Check out the song, as well as a quote below from the producer and then head over to the song’s landing page for a free download!

I want people to feel they are a part of the different levels of energy in the song. The smooth and relaxing vocal of Trove taking the song in his hand and pushing it to its maximum. It surprises you when the drop hits, but somehow it feels so expected anyway.
– Dooqu

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