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[Indie] Memoryy – Turning The Page

Turning The Page

Memoryy is an artist who has consistently impressed with his stunning synth pop style. Although always paying homage to the 80’s this is an artist who’s not afraid to explore a sound of his own. His latest single “Turning The Page” showcases epic vocal range as he ruminates on a failed relationship. The track’s introduction sports gruff vocals accompanied by ever expanding synths that gradually build into an unstoppable chorus that demonstrates what this artist can really do.

Driving synths alongside vivacious vocals make for a track that I’m sure to keep coming back to. The tune is a taste of Memoryy’s upcoming Skeletons EP. Although there doesn’t yet seem to be a release date slated for the collection, judging by the music he’s released recently we’ve got our eyes pealed. Take a listen to “Turning The Page” and get to know Memoryy.

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