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[Future Pop] Two Can – Gonna Be

Starting their project back in 2014, Two Can has been making music for quite a while now. The duo, made up by the Australian born Sach-Haber brothers, has been building the melodic counterpoint to catchy top line vocals and continue to switch up their sound and style.

“Gonna Be” is Two Can’s first release of 2019 and they’re planning on ending the year strong with this one. The Martyn Ell-featured single is a future pop jam that is radio ready due to it’s clear Jack U influence an crossover style throughout. Excited to hear Two Can is back to stay, and am eager to hear more new music by them soon. Listen to “Gonna Be” and keep a tab on new music, due out by the rising duo soon.

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[Future Bass] Two Can – Got Habits

The Australian brothers Two Can follow up some major official remixes with a hot original on Warner Music. “Got Habits” shifts the brothers’ style a bit to give fans something different from this Summer jam.

Catchy melodies have always been a strong suit for Two Can and they implore that strength here, albeit with a edgy makeover. The future-influenced production is a bit harder than you’d expect, but it has all the right pieces for a beautiful musical puzzle, no matter what genre terms may be used to describe it. Overall, it’s just one killer record among many from Two Can. Get your copy today.

Got Habits started with a piano and a vocal, pop sensibilities meet everything we love about producing electronic music and we’re excited by the fact that this genre-defying song leads to new territory for us – it’s what we believe making music is all about, enjoying the freedom of artistic expression
and breaking new ground.
” – Two Can

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Jonas Blue – By Your Side (Two Can Remix) [TMN Premiere]

It’s not Christmas quite yet, but do we have a special present for you today. Your ears get the pleasure of having the first listen to a brand new remix from our friends Two Can, who took on the official task of flipping “By Your Side” from Jonas Blue. Nothing like one of our favorite premieres to help close out the year!

Two Can are known around the world for their expressive, exciting music. Ever since they came to the fold, they’ve put forth nothing but great tunes and this remix is certainly one of their best. They take a bit of a different approach than they usually do with the result being nothing short of spectacular. Their vibrant chords and vocal chops play together to perfection and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much good stuff in this one, you’ll be listening through on repeat just to appreciate every little detail. Stream today, and enjoy!

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Two Can – Holding On To You (NEUS Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Obviously, if we’re going to premiere a song for you, it’s going to be really dope. Today, we give you an exclusive listen to something that is exceptional even by our standards. French producer NEUS comes in with an official remix for Two Can‘s “Holding On To You” and it is nothing but pure, unadulterated fire.

Like we’ve stated before, pop meets moombahton is coming to the forefront. NEUS brings those styles together in his own unique way and we think it is nothing short of extraordinary. This is a great song even if you don’t call yourself a lover of electronic music. It’s got that catchy appeal you look for in a song, along with a sound that isn’t something you’ll come across often. We’re absolutely digging this one; no doubt it will be on repeat throughout the day and likely through the weekend. Huge props to NEUS on putting this one together for our friends down under.

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[House] Carmada – Realise (Two Can Remix)

Realise (Two Can Remix) [OWSLA]

Since starting up just two years ago, The Australian brothers Myles and Oscar, aka Two Can, have risen out of the land down under into the global scene, pushing remixes that have reached #1 on Hype Machine and playing festivals all over the world. The duo recently released a refreshing remix of Carmada’s trap tune “Realise” through OWSLA.

The track takes a different direction from Carmada’s original heavy trap sound. Here, “Realize” is reimagined in a more approachable progressive house vibe, with elements of the original banger skillful preserved in the background. This one will surly have you grooving in your seat before it’s over. Two Can has been killing it over the past two years and we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes on these guys to see what they have in store for the rest of 2016. We expect to see big things.

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Two Can Deliver Official Remix For Oliver Nelson & Enter The Dojo For Q&A [TMN Interview]

Oliver Nelson Ft. Heir
Found Your Love (Two Can Remix)

For those of you who are unaware of the Australian duo of brothers called Two Can, you’re in luck. Even if you already are familiar with these talented family members, your luck is just as good, because we recently caught up with them for a quick Q&A as they released their official remix for Oliver Nelson. Two Can took on “Found Your Love,” a 2015 single that features musical act Heir. With Two Can’s revamp they chilled out the upbeat original with more deep sensibilities, making it a laid-back club-friendly record.

While you lend your ears to their emotional take on “Found Your Love,” you can find out a little about the Two Can project. The brothers entered the dojo to answer a few questions regarding themselves, their home country, along with what else we are getting from them this year.

TMN: For people who don’t know you, how would you describe your sound?

Two Can: Thats a question we get asked a fair bit actually! Its always rather tough too pin point it as we try too incorporate many elements of music and synthesis / sound design in our music. Basically how our process works when writing is we start 90% of our tracks with live instruments. We are musicians first, so we try too ad as many live elements we can into our music as we can. A lot of the time, for remixes etc, we will get an acapella and have a jam over the acapella playing some riffs and chords on guitar too get a gist of key and melodic elements which may work well with the song. Basically we would describe our sound as live electronica.

TMN: How is it working in a duo as brothers?

It’s very convenient too be honest. We don’t argue at all luckily, and never really have. Being brothers and living in the same house means we can write music for most of the day and bounce idea’s back and fourth too each other. Thats one key advantage of a duo we think is that at the end of the day two brains working together is more efficient than one.

TMN: What track is each of your favorite that you have made?

Two Can: Myles’ favorite track is ‘Fire’ because it was the first real song that really got people listening too our music. Oscar’s favorite is ‘Your Girl’ as he wrote a lot of the melodic side of the song, and put a lot of heart into it.

TMN: Has being from Australia influenced your sound? How?

I think it has yes. Right now in Australia, there is a lot of awesome music and really cool acts emerging. I think being in the community of this is something that keeps us inspired. Its great meeting up with cool artists on tour’s who all have great energy and great music. Being in Australia it makes it very easy too meet other artists and vibe off each other.

TMN: What can we expect from Two Can in 2016?

Two Can: We have ALOT of unreleased original content and a few big remix opportunities which have recently got approved so our priority is too share our new music with you! We are also speaking too our European agents at the moment about a tour in June/July, doing some soft ticketed shows and a support tour with one of the electronic acts on the roster at United Talent (previously The Agency Group). We spent a lot of 2015 discovering our sound and now we have found it and are at a point where we are extremely proud with it.

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[Indie Dance] Two Can – Pressing On feat. Erin Marshall

Two Can
Pressing On Ft. Erin Marshall

Melbourne brothers Two Can came together with Erin Marshall for the emotional single “Pressing On.” This inspirational tune has a chilled out indie sound that makes it perfect for the radio, and we sure hope it makes its way there. The duo are known for their sound that is on the cooler side of electronic dance music, but with this they slow things down even more, and it pays off. Their songwriting abilities come out strong, and they press forward with one of their most memorable songs yet. Erin Marshall’s vocal performance on the track plays largely into that, as she soothes the soul of anybody who’s ears come in contact with it. “Pressing On” has been released for free, so jump on it.

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