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Ed Prosek – Holy Water [TMN PREMIERE]

Ed Prosek
Holy Water

Having traded the sun and sand of California for the cloud and stones of Brighton, the search for home is an ever present theme throughout Ed Prosek’s music. Since the release of his EP ‘The Riverbed’, Ed has been building audiences on both side of the Atlantic, most recently supporting Lindsey Stirling on her tour of Germany. His beautifully honest style of writing makes it near impossible to present any faults at all, as his stories of struggle and liberation seamlessly engage us to sit back and travel with him.

‘Holy Water’ is refreshingly authentic, as Ed sings quite contently of his acceptance of losing everything he has, and admitting day to day struggles, as long as he finds piece of mind. This is brilliantly uplifting when he explodes into the chorus, supported by a choir and band, solidified by his impassioned vocal tone. One of Prosek’s strengths is writing in a fashion capable of addressing anyone, creating a delicately unique bond between us and him, as he sings of running for shelter, seeking mercy from a storm. We inadvertently follow his story, lose ourselves and find a captivating sense of elevation amidst the infectious chorus.

Whilst proving his development as an artist with this single, Ed has maintained his organic style through raw acoustic guitars and simple drum beats. He encourages us to lay back and relax, whilst the choir ascends towards an emotional climax, offering a beautifully wholesome dimension to his music. The arrangement of instruments within ‘Holy Water’ perfectly complements his singing and lyricism, as he consistently increases the emotion throughout. The addition of backing vocals within the chorus and middle 8 elevates the song, whilst rare cymbal crashes offer an atmospheric tangent, guiding the piece to a captivating culmination.

I think it’s safe to say Ed has found a home and laid down some new roots in the UK, as he and his band are set to have a big impact on the music scene over the coming months and years.
Check out the link below for potential tour dates and latest releases.

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[Singer/ Songwriter] Will Joseph Cook – Hearse

Will Joseph Cook

Whilst still basking in the height of summer it’s almost essential to find your own chilled song to indulge into on the beach, and Will Joseph Cook certainly has this! Together with his perfectly crafted guitar hooks, and organic vocals, it’s difficult to pull yourself away onto other music.

Having seen him play live in the UK in June, I was interested in discovering where Will would progress in the preceding months. Songs such as ‘Streets of Paris’ and ‘Message’ encapsulate his naturally rich voice, and his lyrics are almost familiar to us as an audience, despite hearing them for the first time. Originally from Tunbridge Wells in the South of England, the 19 year-old embodies an image of authenticity, by addressing relatable/genuine subjects, and cleverly combining light-hearted vocal hooks with pleasingly laid-back, yet infectious drum beats.

Cook has released his new EP “Proof Enough” on August 11th under Atlantic Records, and here’s the third release from this EP called ‘Hearse’. It’s impossible not to tap or hum along, especially throughout the insanely addictive chorus, so I’d play it through a set of speakers, this way at least you won’t be the only one!

He’ll be playing at The Lexington (London) on September 14th, which I undoubtedly recommend if you’re looking for a relaxed gig, plus an exciting up and coming artist; bound to be releasing some awesome new material in the future!

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[Indie/Rock] Wild Beasts – Woebegone Wanderers II

Wild Beasts
Woebegone Wanderers II

Contrary to what their name evokes, Wild Beasts continue to be some of the smoothest and softest songsmiths around with unreleased track ‘Woebegone Wanderers II,’ which was premiered on Jon Hopkins Radio 1 this week.

Recorded around the time of their last release, Present Tense, which was quietly one of the best albums of 2014, the song is a continuation of ‘Woebegone Wanderers’ which appeared on the British group’s debut Limbo, Panto way back in 2008.

After gently swirling around the space in your head in that signature brooding Wild Beasts style for around two minutes, ‘Woebegone Wanderers II’ dissolves into echoing glitter for the final third, floating off until you inevitably drag it back down for yet another listen.

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[Indie] Coastal Cities – The Voyage

Coastal Cities is an up and coming band from the UK. They formed in 2009 when 3 of the members met in detention at school (talk about life giving you lemons and making lemonade); they recruited the other 2 soon after getting out of detention. Recently, they have released a new single called “The Voyage,” and it’s pure indie gold. It feels like Vampire Weekend had a baby with Foster The People, and that baby was born with British swag. “The Voyage” feels coastal—this is a song I would listen poolside, lakeside, seaside, westside, etc. “Relief” is more energetic and upbeat, but still keeps a coastal summer vibe. Their music is fresh; I can almost smell the salty coastal air while listening to this song. Better yet, it’s free! Grab it while you can, it’s worth at least a few plays this summer.

“The Voyage” and “Relief” are slated to be released 7/30 by Once Upon A Time Records, but “The Voyage” is up to download now.

’Coastal Cities
The Voyage’
’Coastal Cities
Relief (Edit)’
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[Electro/Hip-Hop] Ellie Goulding – Hanging On (ft. Tinie Tempah)

The angelic voice of Ellie Goulding returns with a bass-heavy electro cover of Active Child’s Hanging On featuring one of the UK’s most talented hip-hop artists, Tinie Tempah. I love seeing all the EDM and hip-hop collaborations and Tinie definitely adds a great dynamic to the song. This track has that huge sound that makes whatever it is you’re doing seem incredibly important. Great for zoning in on some work or just relaxing with your headphones turned up. You can download the song free here.

’Hanging On (ft. Tinie Tempah)’
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