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[Future Bass] Flight School – Pieces

Flight School

Uprise Music continues their streak of releases this year with “Pieces” from Flight School. The New York duo set an aim less than a year ago to make music that will make you stay fly and they’ve done it with this one.

“Pieces” is the gem you share with your friends and they thank you incessantly for it. The melodic future original certainly has an atmospheric, soaring nature to it. It readies you for launch and rockets you upward with its sound. Flight School nailed the uplifting vibe with this one that is motivating us through the Monday torture. Save yourself today by clicking play and grab a copy of the single if you enjoy it.

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[Electronic] I.Y.F.F.E – Change Of Heart (feat. Bluff)

Change Of Heart (feat. Bluff)

Are you ready for another free download from Uprise Music? Would the fact that it comes directly from I.Y.F.F.E sweeten the pot? Both answers should be yes. The Brazilian producer’s collab with Bluff is not what you would expect though!

“Change Of Heart” is a fitting title for a song that sees a producer jump out of their comfort zone. I.Y.F.F.E has delivered incredible trap works for quite some time, but he switches things up completely here. Bluff’s vocal performance is laid atop a classic electro beat that eventually transforms into a more future bass style production. It’s a dynamic song, bringing in influence from older styles of electronic music, as well as new ones. Listen, download, enjoy!

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[House] Syskey – Personal Disorder EP

France’s Syskey has hopped on board with the Uprise Music label with his EP Personal Disorder. Within it we get two dark and deep house tracks that will keep any party going until the sun comes up.

Shoadowed atmospheres and brooding basslines characterize this EP. Although both tracks share similar characteristics, they each deliver a slightly different tone, giving the A/B sides some distinct features. This slight diversity is all that was needed to make this next level. It’s not easy to pick a favorite out of the two, but you go ahead and give it a try. Listen through each and let us know in the comments which you like most!

’Syskey – Chasing Perfection’
’Syskey – Atypique’
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[Jungle/Trap] dEVOLVE – Break Down (feat. Keno)

Break Down (feat. Keno)

dEVOLVE is someone you need to know. If you don’t know him, then you’re about to have a whole heap of quality records entering your digital library today. Not only is his catalog jam packed with goodies, but his latest is a treat even by his standards. “Break Down” with Keno has all the energy you need to get to the weekend properly.

Released on Uprise Music, “Break Down” is a jungle terror meets trap behemoth that instantly gets going with a rush of energy. Once the full impact hits, all you can really say is whatever expletive comes to mind first in a taken back manner. “Woah” simply won’t cut it. dEVOLVE always brings quality songwriting and production to the table, but he really let loose on this one and had some fun with it. Get your copy of it today.

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[Electronic] Major Minor – Everything Around Us Feat. Johanna & Jayden

Major Minor
Everything Around Us Feat. Johanna & Jayden

“Everything Around Us” is a juicy single that comes to us from our friends at Uprise Music. Its creators Major Minor put it together with the help of Johanna & Jayden and released it as a free download.

The poppy electronic original is a chilled out treat whose cool sound has just the right attitude for Summer. Major Minor deliver what may be their best tune yet. It doesn’t take much effort, or even any at all to imagine this one being played out on the radio. It’s the perfect mixture of styles. “Everything Around Us” is so many things in one: a duet, a pop hit and an electronic work of art. It’s something you need to listen to and add to your digital library. Bonus points for sharing with friends and family.

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[House] ASDEK – Shivers EP

House heads gather, we’ve got a slick EP for you. Shivers comes to us through Uprise Music, but was created by the Paris duo ASDEK. Their two track project is deep, dark and as satisfying as could be. It’s also been released for free.

“Shivers” could have been a single on it’s on, but we’re glad we got the b-side with it, because it is hardly a b-side. Before we get to that we have the title track, a brooding hypnotic treat that lives up to its name. Just check your skin after listening. Secondly we have “Midnight.” This tune is equally is dark as the previous, but has a certain mystifying quality to it that pulls you in as its bass booms against your ear drum. Both tracks would be worth a charge, but they come to you freely, so grab them both!

’ASDEK – Shivers’
’ASDEK – Midnight’
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[Electronic] Major Minor x Aerborn – Smokers and Jokers

Major Minor x Aerborn
Smokers and Jokers

If for some reason you are not a follower of Uprise Music, you should change that real quick. They’ve always got great things coming out, like “Smokers and Jokers” from Major Minor and Aerborn. This freely downloadable single is a bit different than what we’re used to from the label, but it makes for a nice new breathe in their catalog.

Major Minor deem their music “Tropical Trap” and as ridiculous as that may sound to many, it’s actually dope – AND there’s really no other way to describe it. Just take “Smokers and Jokers” which exemplifies this without hesitation. They’ve knocked down and style and they nail it. This time around they add Aerborn to the mix whose vocal performance on this is nothing short of outstanding. Together all these Aussies cooked up a chiller that is a must have. Grab it before you go!

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