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[Future Bass] EGZOD Drops Two Heaters B2B

France to Florida producer EGZOD didn’t just drop one single, he dropped two. The first came through No Copyright Sounds for free, while the second through our friends at Uprise Music as a free download as well. Both reside in the future bass arena, but each have their own feel that’s different from the other.

We’ll take a look at “Paper Crowns” first, a pop-infused record that features the vocalist Leo The Kind. Both artists work together to create something that is memorable and fresh. With “Celestial” the sound shifts to a more forwardly uplifting vibe that has a bigger vibe to it. It feels celestial, as though the experience it gives is all around you. Like we said before, both songs were released for free, but if you feel like showing your support to this talented producer, go on to a digital store and buy copies.

’Egzod – Paper Crowns (feat. Leo The Kind)’
’Egzod & Aotu – Celestial’
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[House] Jace Mek – Jar (feat. Brukout)

Jace Mek
Jar (feat. Brukout)

Would you take a free “Jar” if it was offered to you? What if it came straight from the studio of the one and only Jace Mek? Chances are, you’ll take it. Released on Uprise Music, “Jar” is a free download from one of dance music’s most creative young talents.

Jace Mek isn’t slowing down, in fact, he’s turning things up. Time and time again he brings us off the wall records whose experimental nature are still highly accessible. He’s got his own dark style, which is embodied by this single. Featuring Brukout, “Jar” isn’t just the work of the Los Angeles producer but also of one of Jamaica’s finest. Together they work in conjunction to make “Jar” one of 2017’s weirdest, but coolest tracks. Like we said before, you can get this one as a free download.

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[Electronic] Christine – Atom From Heart LP

Back in October the world was given a super cool music video from Christine for the single “Drama.” Little did we know we were getting a glimpse into what a full album had in store. Released through Uprise Music, the Atom From Heart LP, is here in full.

With eleven songs in total, Atom From Heart is a big package. Fans of old school house and French electro are going to be going wild for this LP. Most of the tracks fit within those styles, bringing a nostalgic sound to a dance community that tends to stray from taking a peak at what history has to offer. With artists only looking at making a break with what is hype, it’s nice to hear someone paving their own way. Great tracks like “Error 218,” “Lipstick” and “Howling Wave” are the reason this LP is a standout project. Christine cooked up some major tunes, so run through the entire album without skipping a beat. Want to buy it? Hit up iTunes.

’Christine – Atom From Heart’
’Christine – Drama (feat. T La Rock)’
’Christine – Maniac’
’Christine – Error 218’
’Christine – Over The Top’
’Christine – Break A Leg’
’Christine – Lost Generation’
’Christine – Lipstick’
’Christine – Howling Wave’
’Christine – Loose’
’Christine – Drama (Instrumental)’
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[Indie Dance] The Golden Pony – Lost In Illusion (feat. Megan Vice)

The Golden Pony
Lost In Illusion (feat. Megan Vice)

There’s no way you’re going to be passing up “Lost In Illusion” by The Golden Pony. Released today on Uprise Music, this dance-friendly single features the vocals of Megan Vice. Together these acts kicked out a freely downloadable single that is an absolute jam.

We couldn’t resist the charm of “Lost In Illusion.” Megan’s voice is strong and engaging, while the instrumental laid out by The Golden Pony is equally as enticing. It’s something we can easily imagine being played over the radio airwaves and we’d like it to be. The Golden Pony have always put out great records and this is easily near the top of their catalog. They’ve shifted their sound a bit, but have always stayed true to who they are as artists. That’s something we can respect. Check out “Lost In Illusion” and don’t forget to grab the download.

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[Electro] Felmax – Bling Bling

Bling Bling

One of dance music’s hidden treasures, Felmax, has partnered up with one of our favorite labels in Uprise Music. “Bling Bling” is an ice cold electro tune that will have bass house fans going wild. It’s already got us in a craze and now we’re going to pass that infection along to you.

If you are a DJ, or are simply the leader of the aux chord for your group of friends, you NEED to get this track. It’s not hard either, as it has been released as a free download. Felmax has always been someone who has put out solid work and over the years has continued to hone his production and songwriting skills. Usually the Soundcloud comment section is a place we don’t venture, but one individual was hyped on this one, despite not liking house. “Bling Bling” is one of those songs that can turn you onto a genre. Enjoy it today.

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[Electronic] Phiilo – Without You

Without You

Denver is one of the best places to be for electronic music. Talented acts thrive there, whether they were born in the area or flocked to it. Phiilo is one of those talented acts, and we assure you they are talented. Another talented group of individuals are the people over at Uprise Music who backed Phiilo’s latest single “Without You” for release this week.

“Without You” is as dynamic as it is beautiful. From the vocals to every little note you can hear, Phiilo put their best foot forward in every direction they took. It’s got pop sensibilities, but no matter what sound you hear, the song never can really be identified as being one thing. Some may say future, some may say it’s on the lighter side of trap. They can argue, we will simply sit back and enjoy this wonderful piece of music. We hope you do too. Did we also mention it’s a free download?

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[Electronic] The Golden Pony – Let Me Love You (Feat. Dasha)

The Golden Pony
Let Me Love You (Feat. Dasha)

The Golden Pony team up with Dasha to put their own take on the throwback “Let Me Love You” by Mario. The single has been put out by our good friends over at Uprise Music as a free download. There’s no reason for you NOT to grab this one.

With the newly redefined “Let Me Love You” we get a slight throwback feel, but only a small taste; otherwise this one has been completely re-imagined by The Golden Pony. They step away from their usual house style to cut down the BPMs and bring something that can’t be put into one box. What it can be labeled as is groovy, smooth and fun. Leave it to The Golden Pony to cook up a smash hit, as they always do. This time around, they brought it back, then forward with “Let Me Love You.” Don’t forget, this one is a freebie!

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