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[Indie Dance] NONONO – Masterpiece (Vargas & Lagola Remix)

Masterpiece (Vargas & Lagola Remix)

“Masterpiece” by NONONO was just that. It wasn’t something we thought we’d be getting a remix to, but it has happened thanks to Vargas & Lagola. It wasn’t that the original didn’t have the capacity to be remixed, it just was that it’s such a great track, hard to do justice to. However, V&L did just that.

The duo keep a similar vibe as the original, but give it a more electronic edge. Bouncy with infectious grooves, the newly formed “Masterpiece” is a tasteful take on NONONO. Vargas & Lagola went a slow-jam route, which is fitting for their and NONONO’s styles. It’s the perfect remix for your Fall playlists, as it has just the sound you need no matter what you get yourself into this season.

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[Indie/Electronic] Vargas & Lagola – As Long As I Have To

Just six days ago we covered a sweet little music video from Vargas & Lagola. A whole week hasn’t even passed and they already have something else that has come out. That something else happens to be the single “As Long As I Have To.”

The duo’s indie meets electronic style is played out in a vibey tune that is perfect for your weekend soirees. It’s a bit different than their previous release, but it can hardly be expected from these two that they would simply release an echo of their previous record. With tracks coming out at this pace, it has us wondering what is on the horizon. We’d wait as long as we have to for something like an LP, but hopefully that is coming sooner rather than later. For now, enjoy “As Long As I Have To” today.

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[Music Video] Vargas & Lagola – Dolores (The Awakening)

We love music videos that are created by individuals who aren’t trying too hard for something. Over-the-top videos seem to becoming a staple in electronic music, but Vargas & Lagola don’t seem to care. That’s totally fine with us as the music video for their song “Dolores (The Awakening)” is beautifully stunning and just about as simple as you can get.

If the duo were going for a classy, but stylish music video, then they nailed it. They rely on the beauty of nature, in particular flowers, to entertain the viewer. That is, until they make a surprising switch to a different set of home video images that definitely isn’t what you expect, but it fits. The energetic song whisks you through these images, disregarding any expectations you have. It’s a ride and you’re just along for it. Want a copy of the track? It’s out on digital services today.

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