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[Beyond Words] Taped Rai – Epilogue: I & II – Shadow of The Sun

Taped Rai
Shadow of The Sun

We hear a lot of good music. It’s our job to sift through submission after submission. There are very few moments that we are completely blown away by something, but tonight is one of those moments. Swedish duo Taped Rai introduces their first release, “Shadow of The Sun,” after the collaboration with David Guetta on “Just One Last Time”. We’re honestly at a loss of words on how to describe this. The ethereal vocals are leaving us in complete awe, so we’ll just let you listen for yourself. Enjoy.

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[Indie] Hunter Hunted – Keep Together

Dan Chang and Michael Garner are back with another solid indie pop track, “Keep Together”. You may remember these two from their previous venture, Lady Danville. While we’ll miss what they were doing before, we’ve fully embraced what they’re doing now. The two are now referred to as Hunter Hunted. They released a music video a few weeks back called “End of the World”, but this is their first release on soundcloud.

With Hunter Hunted, we’ve already grown to expect a few things: an upbeat, dancy tempo, gorgeous vocal harmonies, and lyrics that urge you to sing along with them. Press play, and see how long you can go without smiling and dancing in your chair.

’Hunter Hunted – Keep Together’
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