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[Pop] Julie Bergan – Turn On The Lights LP

Ever since our ears first heard the luscious voice of Julie Bergan on her breathtaking records, we knew she had something special. Signed to Warner Music Norway, she’s been on a hot streak releasing singles and captivating her home country and the rest of the world. Instead of keeping with singles, she’s gone and released her debut full length album, Turn On The Lights.

The twelve song project features hits such as “Arigato” and “Blackout” that captivated us when they first hit the web. Her fusion of pop with electronic is something that permeates the album and although pop is making the transition to a more EDM friendly sound, Julie soars above the crowd of noise with her magical, dynamic records. It’s not pop for popularity’s sake; it’s amazing music that just happens to fit the bill. Turn On The Lights is stocked full of incredible tunes without any moments of lackluster listening. Hear for yourself below!

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[Pop] Rhys – Too Good To Be True

Too Good To Be True

“Too Good To Be True” by Rhys is simply amazing. The Stockholm starlet just released this original to the world and she’s got us hooked. Beautiful and moving, “Too Good To Be True” is an undoubted gem.

Rhys captivates with her performance on this that is really the highlight of the track, which says something given the quality of the production. In regards to the instrumental we get a tropical infused dancehall/moombah vibe that will get you swaying back and forth to the beat. It’s certainly catchy, but Rhys takes charge with her soaring vocal that will give you chills. You’ll definitely want to grab a copy of this one from iTunes. It’s a keeper.

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[Future Bass] Sisqo – Thong Song (JCY Remix)

THONG SONG (feat. Sisqo)

Whether you admit it publicly, to yourself, or nobody, you like “Thong Song” by Sisqo. Everyone does. For most it is a guilty pleasure, which is totally cool. Today we have a remix that will hope to bring you out of the shadows and into the light. Thanks to the trio JCY, “Thong Song” lives on in a new form.

Believe it or not, Warner Music Norway put this one out, which has made us fall in love with them even more. This is the first official remix of the song that has been released since the original came out in 1999. Sisqo himself loved this song, prompting new recordings of the lyrics just for this remix. There’s a reason he was so hyped on it: it’s damn good. So get those booties ready, “Thong Song” is back!

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[Music Video] Feder – Back For More feat. Daecolm

Warner Music’s successful release of “Back For More” from Feder has prompted the creation of a music video. With it we get a set of seaside images to accompany the collaboration with Daecolm, who makes a cameo in the video. As you would expect from a major label signee, the video is quite incredible, looking more like a short film than a music video.

If you’re wondering where this beautiful piece of art was filmed, look no further than Sicily. The landscape and story are both assets that will pull on your heart, not to mention the song at the head of the pack. Everything about this project is packed with strong emotions that no doubt conjure up feelings in anybody who lays their eyes and ears on it. If nothing else, you’ll groove to the song and be amazed by the scenery. But, there’s more to it than that, so enjoy. If you haven’t gotten a copy of the song yet, do so today through digital stores.

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[Indie Dance] Future Duper – Fever feat. Hilde

Future Duper
Fever feat. Hilde

Oslo’s Future Duper duo have been known for their remixes, but today we get to show you their first original through Warner Music called “Fever.” Featuring the wonderful vocalist Hilde, “Fever” is a magnificent fusion of pop and future, something that seems to be happening more and more so exponentially lately.

Although they only launched this project not even a whole year ago, Future Duper have swayed listener with every single release. An original was something that fans have been aching for and “Fever” should satisfy their desires. The duo are open fans of Illenium and San Holo, and that influence comes out in this track, however these two Norwegians stand out with their own signature sound. We’re loving what we’re hearing and can’t wait for more original work. We still love the remixes, but originals will tickle us too.

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[Pop] Mugisho – Play With You

Play With You

Warner Music‘s Norway branch is putting out nothing but hits. It’s incredible. One of those hits is “Play With You” by Mugisho. This is the artist’s second upload to Soundcloud and already has the backing of a major label, for good reason.

Mugisho is just what the pop world needs, a genuine talent that has a knack for putting together quality records. Sure, Mugisho is just starting out, but there is something pure about his work, something that echoes from “Play With You” letting you know full well that he’s got plenty of other songs coming that will leave you speechless. With the obvious undertones of dance music with the production, Mugisho’s work will be able to captivate two of the most powerful markets in music, pop and, for lack of a better term, EDM. It’s only a matter of time before Mugisho pops off completely.

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[Future/Pop] Julie Bergan – Blackout

Julie Bergan

It’s understandable if you haven’t came across Julie Bergan given her location across the pond in Norway. We wish you did already, but if you haven’t, you’re here now. The Warner Music signee is making some big moves lately. For starters, she unveiled her completely live show, as well as released her new single “Blackout.”

“Blackout” is what we have to share with you today. The future pop single is just what radio-listeners are yearning for, along with festival ravers. It’s that perfect mix of underground dance music meets mainstream pop. Julie shows yet again why she is someone to have your eyes and ears on, no matter your location on the globe. Listen for yourself, share it with your friends. They’ll appreciate it. Whether you stream it here or on Spotify, just click that play button.

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