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[Electronic Soul] Zuma – Ruby (ft. Lenis Kim & YNGDRGN)

ruby (ft. lenis kim & yngdrgn)

What do you get when you combine the best aspects of dancehall, electronic music, and R&B? There’s no punchline (not that it was a joke in the first place), but Zuma‘s newest song fits that description exactly. Enlisting the vocals of Lenis Kim and YNGDRGN, Zuma has crafted an incredibly smooth and wavy original that’s primed and ready for your evening enjoyment. From Lenis’ sultry delivery to YNGDRGN’s undeniable sense of swagger, every element of “Ruby” is an essential contribution.

Zuma has no problem sharing the spotlight with his promising features, and he’s scaled back on his normal complexities in his production to allow for these two to do their thing to the fullest. The whole tone of this song is erupting with sensuality, and we can pretty much guarantee it’ll find its own special place in your late night playlists. If that sort of thing isn’t on the to-do list and you’re just looking to chill, “Ruby” is still a great listen for that too. Give it a spin tonight, and don’t miss out on the free download HERE.

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