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Palm Trees – You Were The One [TMN Premiere]

Palm Trees
You Were The One

Get ready for some good vibes from Amsterdam’s own Palm Trees. Not only do you get to hear the new single “You Were The One,” but you get to hear it first in the dojo. In this premiere you get a Summer-stricken poppy house record that is going to stick in your mind and live for the next several days, if not longer.

Pop has managed to invade so many electronic genres lately, but with “You Were The One” it feels like a natural combination. Palm Trees provides an introduction that feels 100% organic and only by surprise do we get lifted into an electronic setting with soft grooves that still are centered around an acoustic sound. It’s a cool mix of several styles and sounds melded into one song that we’ve been hype on ever since it slid into the dojo. Enjoy a first listen to “You Were The One” today!

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