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[Electronic] TOKiMONSTA – Don’t Call Me feat. Yuna

Don’t Call Me ft. Yuna

“Don’t Call Me” by TOKiMONSTA is one of the sweetest singles of the year. Not sweet in the cutie patootie loving way, but sweet in its own unique sense. Together with Yuna, TOKiMONSTA created a deep and celestial record that will touch the hearts of many.

“Don’t Call Me” portrays a scenario many of us have found ourselves in before. TOKiMONSTA always manages to create emotional soundscapes that echo the mood of the song’s lyrics to perfection. Her ability to conjure specific emotions, even when the emotional landscape she’s painting in her music is complex, is unrivaled by most. “Don’t Call Me” is just another piece of evidence as to why she is one of the strongest songwriters in electronic music. Her collaboration has been released on her own label, Young Art Records, and is out now on digital stores.

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[Electronic] CRi – Rush (feat. Ouri)

Rush (feat. Ouri)

Young Art Records is home to some incredibly beautiful pieces of music. One of those such pieces is “Rush” by the Canadian producer CRi and Ouri. Released on the Someone Else EP, this intriguing single may be the best song on the entire project.

Although we are simply sharing “Rush” don’t let that stop you from checking out the entire EP through iTunes if you’re looking to get a copy. “Rush” starts out as an ethereal adventure into soothing soundscapes that touch your soul. You would expect it to stay similar throughout as a concluding record, but things change as time passes. Around halfway CRi gives the song some edge by moving more towards a fast-paced vibe, introducing drum & bass percussion to pick up the pace. This is a must listen and if you like what you hear, check out the entire EP.

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