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[Electronic] Youngman Goon – Dusty 6

Youngman Goon
Dusty 6

Denver’s own Youngman Goon has come back after nearly a year to follow up with a third single. If you were looking for a vibey chiller to get you through the rest of the week, then you’ve got it in “Dusty 6.” This one is five minutes of pure relaxation.

“Dusty 6” is the ultimate soothing record, pushing forth soundscapes that infiltrate your brain and calm it down with acoustic sentiment. There’s some international undertones with elements taken from world music, specifically from the East. It gives the track an exotic natural tone that contributes to its allure. We’ve only got three tracks from Youngman Goon within the past year and a half, but we’re yearning for more.

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[Electronic] Youngman Goon – Call & Response

Youngman Goon
Call & Response

If you call yourself a reader of The Music Ninja, then you’re already familiar with our very own Clayton Warwick. Interestingly enough, despite working in the Dojo and heading up his company Cadence & Cause, Clayton has enough time for some fun. This is the time where Youngman Goon was born in partnership with Beatport’s Jon Sakas, who took the production lead on the project. After enough time jamming in the basement, they decided to launch their endeavor with “Call & Response.”

Youngman Goon certainly put their best foot forward with “Call & Response.” From the get go with the guitar and claps, you know you’re in for a real treat. Slow, groovy, and infectious, this original has me wanting to hear more. A passion project, yes; but that doesn’t mean it won’t become something more than expected. Especially if they keep releasing gems like this.

If you’re looking for a song with incredible replay value, then you’ve found it. “Call & Response” is currently available for stream exclusively through Soundcloud, so you surely will be hitting replay. What makes this one even better, whether purposeful or not, is that the song’s length is 4:20. It may just be the Colorado in them, or maybe something else. Whatever it may be, what is for sure is you need to keep your ears peeled for more Youngman Goon. Even better, go bother Jon and Clayton for more!

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