Wasabi (Feat. JAMO! & City James)

Wasabi isn’t in some people’s wheelhouse because it’s too hot. However, the “Wasabi” that TASTEBREAKERS have brought with JAMO! and City James is just the right kind of hot that people are looking for. Their collaborative single is here for you in the dojo where we’re giving you the opportunity to hear it first.

Hip-hop is in a ton of places right now, but with “Wasabi” we get something that isn’t like much else that’s out right now. It does have some similarities, but all in all it has a special quality to it that differentiates it from the general crowd. The beat itself is ill, with the rhymes on top providing the rest of the force on a hit that will knock you off your feet. We’ve got you covered with a first listen, so click that play button.

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