Something About You (ft. Arlissa)

The calendar may read Wednesday, but for us, West Midland-based TC4, and every ninja reading this, it’s the weekend. How’s that so, you ask? Did this collective group suddenly stumble across a newly fabricated means of time travel? Well, in a sense, yes. We stumbled across “Something About You,” and it instantly placed us into a weekend state of mind.

Dropping via Pitched-Up/Sony RED on June 8th, 2015, this tune is pure energy, boasting garage-style basslines, tropical pan flutes, a soaring piano riff, and the kind of vocals that make you throw caution to the wind, casually belting them out from your car at any given intersection.

Today, we’re lucky enough to premiere the disco-inspired music video. Press play, sit back, and drift through the next few work days. Friday is only a stone’s throw away.

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