Happy Friday Ninjas! At this point in the evening, you’re probably a few drinks deep, and we totally approve. Tonight we’re kicking that party mode even further into gear, with this rad release from the boys at Rising Digital. Chris Lake’s label, who recently released the epic “Funky Vodka” track, is back with another party time installment.

Hot Mouth. who was once half of LA Riots, has released his first EP, Habits. Good Habits, which we’re hoping you all stick to tonight (yeah right), is a techy hard pounding track that will keep you moving through the wee hours of the morning. Bad Habits, which we’re sure you’ll all eventually fall into tonight, has a similar, but is unique at the same time. Both tracks have huge synths, awesome progressions, pounding basslines, and will leave your legs aching the next morning.

Be safe out there! Don’t drink and drive.

Hot Mouth – Good Habits (Rising Music)

’Hot Mouth – Good Habits (Rising Music).mp3′

Hot Mouth – Bad Habits (Rising Music)

’Hot Mouth – Bad Habits (Rising Music).mp3′
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