Let us ease you into another working week with some smooth head-bopping action from jackLNDN. The London boy does what he does best, infusing the gorgeous vocals of the Lapsley original with his trademark sexy grooves that float gracefully along without a care in the world. The antics of the weekend may be a distant memory, but there’s no reason Monday should be any harder than it needs to be. Tontario shares a similar vision for ‘Falling Short’, offering a vibe that’s a little more upbeat, but equally as silky when it comes to the beat and flow. Only a month ago we were graced with the late night disco vibes from Lenno’s ‘No More’, and with the first release of the Wake Up Remix EP comes the perfect rework from Les Loups. The German production trio put their deep house finesse on full display, adding a layer of glorious summer melody to elevate the feel-good sensation that the original cultivates.

Where these first features sat comfortably on the mellow side, Austrian duo Urban Contact turn up the heat on a sultry original from Olympique. Burning riffs and melting sax create a formidable energy behind the soulful lyrics, but despite the intensity there is still an undeniable element of chill to the heated affair. Pierce Fulton had no trace of laid back intentions with the original mix of ‘Kuaga’, but the live version shifts gear from the electro style and lets the blissful chants play out with stunning melodies and instrumental touches. This one forgoes the desire for a sweaty crowd and instead aims to inspire palpable chills and hair-tingling feelings. It’s the musical sensation that Snakehips live and breathe with each and every release, and they’ve kick-started their 2015 campaign with a sublime statement in ‘Gone’. Jazzy tones have always been their forte, but this time it’s a slow jam that brings the funk together with the sexy voice of Syd.

It won’t take much to lose yourself in the grooves this week. Before you know it, Friday night will arrive and the fun begins all over again. Peace out.

’Lapsley – Falling Short (JackLNDN Remix)’
’Låpsley – Falling Short (Tontario Remix)’
’Lenno – No More (Les Loups Remix)’
’Olympique – Face Down The Earth (Urban Contact Remix)’
’Pierce Fulton – Kuaga (Live Version)’
’Snakehips – Gone (Feat. Syd)’
’PHONY PPL – Why iii Love The Moon.’
’Just A Gent – Limelight (Louis Futon Remix)’
’Tegan And Sara – I Can’t Take It (Matoma Remix)’
’Tracy Chapman – Fast Car (Smiles Davis Remix)’
’Amy Winehouse – Rehab (Tom Misch Remix)’
’OAK – Hold Me Close’
’Tabrill – Moving On (ft. Feki)’
’Oh Wonder – The Rain (Saje Remix)’
’Hiko Momoji – Mirage Island’
’The White Panda – Pony Lasts Forever (Ginuwine // Feki)’
’Alex Young / Lontalius – Maybe Your Smile Will’
’Aeuria – Wrapped Up In Her’
’Goose Bumps & Squib – I´m Gonna Make It (Original Mix)’
’Notize – Meadow Run’
’Aquilo – I Gave It All (Wayward Remix)’
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