Chill Dojo #133 lines up perfectly with the release of the eagerly awaited Victory EP from San Holo, and to celebrate the occasion we’re putting ‘Hold Fast’ front and center as our favorite track from the week gone by. The brooding bass-rumbling atmosphere does well to disguise any indication of chill intentions here, but when the emotion-filled melody kicks into gear, there’s no doubting the inherent genius that’s involved in this mind-blowing production. It’s got us craving for more future-tinged beats, and thankfully Subtact has provided a sublime flip of Pusher’s ‘Emeralds’ to satisfy just that. While less about color than the original, this is a gem that trades shimmer for an enchantment that reaches deep within, beckoning you further into the cosmic surrounds that manifests itself through the waves of sound.

The winner for best sampling this week could only go to ABSRDST though, with his latest track incorporating a very unique feature from Diddy Kong. In a giant step for music production, there is now finally a collaboration between man and simian, and it’s a smooth mellow result to boot. It’s hard to put a finger on just one thing that creates ‘The Essence’, but you can be sure it’s a joruney packed with plenty of nostalgic feels. If you were surprised a feature from a fictional character could possibly make the list, it might be even harder to fathom that following this would be a shout out to Ariana Grande. Once you hear this head-bopping jam from Zanski though, you’ll understand exactly how we fell under its funky spell. Leave any preconceptions at the door for this one, and welcome in the glorious horns and playful percussion to indulge in this moment of guilty weakness. It’s a similar kind of sweetness that oozes from every silky production from French Kiwi Juice, and his latest remix proves once again why he is ‘Unstoppable’. Layered with generous servings of signature FKJ funk, this is another sexy experience that will get hearts melting with every listen.

Definitely not your ordinary week for the Dojo, but one that has no surprises when it comes to quality. Peace out.

’San Holo – Hold Fast (ft. Tessa Douwstra)’
’Pusher – Emeralds (Subtact Remix)’
’ABSRDST – The Essence (ft. Diddy Kong)’
’Ariana Grande – One Last Time (Zanski Remix)’
’Lianne La Havas – Unstoppable (FKJ Remix)’
’Lóbo – Sweet Mary’
’Lóbo – Troubled Heart (Part I)’
’Lóbo – Day Off’
’Lóbo – Our Love Age’
’Goldroom – California Rain (feat Nikki Segal)’
’KAASI – Rain’
’KAASI – Those Days’
’Le Youth – TOUCH (JackLNDN Remix)’
’Gavin James – For You (Bearcubs Remix)’
’Michael Calfan – Treasured Soul (MYNGA Remix)’
’Tom & Hills Feat. Troi – Lighters (Tontario Remix)’
’Jaymes Young – I’ll Be Good (Tom Bull Remix)’
’Kilter – Want 2 (Feat. Porsches)’
’Møme – Jetpack’
’filous – How Hard I Try ft. James Hersey’
’Urban Cone ft. Tove Lo – Come Back To Me (filous Remix)’
’Bly – Rosey’
’Saaj – Slo Down’
’Koloto – Life in Clay’
’Kehlani – Runnin’ (Stwo Remix)’
’Kehlani – Niggas (Mike Gao Remix)’
’WEVLTHVIBE$ – Fantasy’
’Alina Baraz & Galimatias – Show Me’
’Joris Voorn – A House feat. Kid A (Burglar Remix)’
’Atlas Bound – Landed on Mars’
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