The Chill Dojo reaches another milestone this week clocking over episode #150. While there won’t be any fanfare in our delivery, there’s no shortage of creative flair on display once again. We’ve seen a lot of talent emerge over the journey, so it’s only fitting that the honors of kicking off this special edition goes to a blissful remix from rising youngster Kidswaste. He’s featured in a number of recent playlists, but his delicate work on Kultur’s ‘Take it Slow’ is more than deserving of first mention here. Soaking in vibes and lush soundscapes, the serene melody emits that magical floating feeling that embodies the very reason we dedicate our time to this playlist every week. As far as our other passions go, we’re all about smooth synths and silky vocals, and that’s exactly what Sydney-based producer Oshan delivers in his latest original ‘Dafty’. The slick beat laid down is on point from the get go, working in perfect harmony with the lyrical flow of Krue to create a tune that just beckons you to sing along.

On that note, this next one from Gnash is a straight up anthem, combining with the masterful production of AObeats for one hell of an addictive track. That hook was just made to be belted out in unison with a festival crowd, with the chill beat doing the rest of the work in getting everybody moving as one. There’s no doubt that ‘Weight In Gold’ has that same powerful quality in spades, and while we’ve featured more than our fair share of remixes so far, every new week never fails to deliver another interpretations that just needs to be shared. One listen to this future-filled effort from Ekali and we’re sure you’ll agree. We started the write-up with a recent name in the Dojo, but we had to end it with a group that’s been around well before our first edition. Miami Horror have been smashing out hits for years, but this week they showed they’re just as good taking on the big songs from other artists as well. This cover of ‘Sober’ is even better than we could have imagined, casting a wave of glorious summer feelings over a track that needed no help in getting hearts racing.

150 down but there’s no end in sight as far as the quality of music goes. We hope you continue to enjoy this week after week. Peace out.

’Kultur – Take It Slow (ft. Blest Jones) (Kidswaste Remix)’
’Oshan – Dafty (feat. Krue)’
’Gnash – fuck me up (prod. by AObeats)’
’Gallant – Weight In Gold (Ekali Remix)’
’Miami Horror – Sober feat Queen Magic (Childish Gambino Cover)’
’Rameses B – Faster Than Light (feat. Danyka Nadeau)’
’Chrome Sparks – Mannus & Venus’
’lonemoon x atura – i promise’
’Moonwalker – Indigo (Original Mix)’
’Qwince – Cyclone (J.G.F Remix)’
’Marcioz – Very Loud Cry (This Chord Progression Heals)’
’Kuiters – With Bae’
’Madnap – Feather Dance (+Naisu)’
’Rustyhook – Drip’
’Autograf – Running.’
’Josef Salvat – Open Season (Gryffin Remix)’
’Tobtok – Shelter feat. Alex Mills (Sonny Alven Remix)’
’LeMarquis – Holding Me, Touching Me’
’Cable Cat – Find Your Mood’
’Jamie XX – I Know There’s Gonna Be Good Times (New Mantra Remix)’
’Flight Facilities – Two Bodies (Henri Remix)’
’leo kalyan – get your love’
’Porsches – Karate’
’Blackbird Blackbird – Strawberry Light’
’Izzard & Blankts – Threads (Mark Arkinson + Jordan Field Remix)’
’Tülpa – Flower’
’Harrison – Sorry’
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