Get your week started with a smile as veteran producer 813 dishes out a burst of happiness in the form of ‘Walking’. It’s bright, it’s cheesy, but when you hear that whistle lead, you’ll know it’s just what you need to turn those Monday blues upside down. With a flash of jazz and a whole lot of fun, this one’s a good reminder that life doesn’t need to be so serious all the time. Turning to the more traditional form of chill music now, Brisbane group If I Had Antlers deliver the delightful electronic original ‘Fresh Water’. It’s every bit as refreshing as its title, layered with mellow atmosphere and beautiful vocal splices that offer that drifting sensation we look for week in, week out.

When a group of artists get together for a creative session, you know only good things can come out of it. We certainly weren’t expecting a cover of ‘Trap Queen’, but BLANKTS, Tulpa, Teddy & Tive have cooked up something special that completely flips the script on what we thought possible with the original. Basenji continues his string of vocal hits on his Trackpad EP and ahead of his upcoming tour of the same name. This week he revealed ‘About You’, a more soulful approach combining with the velvety voice of Oscar Key Sung. While remaining fairly downtempo for most of the journey, it just wouldn’t be trademark Basenji without an epic bass-filled climax to send it off. From one emotional ride to the next, Maxo works his chord-slaying magic over the incredible Danika Harris for a sweet jam that will wrap up this week’s proceedings in perfect fashion. Peace out.

’813 – Walking’
’If I Had Antlers – Fresh Water’
’Trap Queen – BLANKTS, Tülpa, Teddy & Tive’
’Basenji – About You (Feat. Oscar Key Sung)’
’Maxo – Better feat. Danika Harrod’
’GETTER – Told You (Feat. Ookay)’
’Ryan Hemsworth & Lucas – From Grace’
’Sable – Like You (Girl) ft. Floria’
’PRXZM – To U’
’Prince Fox – Wait Until Tomorrow V.I.P.’
’Mark Arkinson – cya next time!’
’Dooqu – Make Me Feel’
’Kasbo – Not Over’
’The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry (Sailors Remix)’
’Sam Padrul – Why Do I Do Ft. Jason Gaffner (La Felix Remix)’
’Sam Padrul – Why Do I Do Ft. Jason Gaffner (Mattanoll Remix)’
’Sam Padrul – Why Do I Do Ft. Jason Gaffner (Bolivard Remix)’
’Karma Fields – Skyline’
’Figgy – Breathe Slow’
’Blonde – Feel Good (It’s Alright) feat. Karen Harding (Ferdinand Weber & Fabich Remix)’
’Nigel Good – No Way Back Up (feat. Illuminor)’
Jungle (Chrome Sparks Remix)’
’RÜFÜS – Like An Animal’
’Whilk & Misky – Clap Your Hands (Addal Edit)’
’Gallant – Weight In Gold (Zimmer Remix)’
’Jon Bonus x Kid Astronaut – The One (Original Mix)’
’Hurts – Lights (Bakermat Remix)’
’akihabara – PUT IN WORK’
’Ryan Hemsworth – Afterglow (Celadon City Edit)’
’Elka – Sunshine Song VIP’
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