The Chill Dojo is back after a few weeks off, but the music world certainly hasn’t slowed down while we were gone. Big news over this time was the release of Wave Racer’s eagerly anticipated Flash Drive EP, which included a massive collaboration with the one and only Lido. ‘World Record’ is everything you could imagine from this duo combining their production styles into one track, bursting with waves of happiness from start to finish. The care-free playfulness continues into ‘Bubble Wrap’, stirring up that warm fuzzy feeling that he weaves with so much ease. It’s definitely a sound that has caused a movement in the future game, and you can hear the inspiration in Dojo newcomer Shindig. ‘Hiccup’ shines with that same glint of blissful melody, but truly comes into its own with some serious chord shredding and a slick slap bass interlude. Melbourne’s own Moving Castle representative Dugong Jr is no stranger to a feel-good jam either, and together with TR!CK$ he’s crushed a jersey-influenced remix of ‘Goddess’ that emits positive vibes all day long.

UK producer Daktyl put his spin on a Future Classic hit, taking George Maple’s ‘Where You End And I Begin’ and amplifying the addictive chorus with some serious beats. Grande Marshall’s verse also receives a funk injection to add an extra layer of smoothness to the slick lyrical flow. The label has definitely been busy over the past few weeks, and fittingly we end the write-up as we began, with the release of another Future Classic EP. ‘Air’ is the final track in Basenji’s Trackpad EP, and much like the rest of the collection it’s steeped in vocally led emotion, layered with his ethereal goosebump-inducing sound.

As you would expect, two weeks off has left us plenty of catching up to do in the playlist below. Enjoy what we’ve been keeping track of. Peace out.

’Wave Racer – World Record feat. Lido’
’Wave Racer – Bubble Wrap’
’Shindig – H I C C U P’
’Fresh Hex – Goddess (Dugong Jr & TR!CK$ Remix)’
’George Maple (feat. Grande Marshall) – Where You End And I Begin (Daktyl Remix)’
’Basenji – Air’
’Thrill & Omniment – I Miss You’
’HudMo – Forever 1 (Cashmere Cat Edit)’
’Feki – Quiet Minds feat. Emily’
’Kultur – Take It Slow ft. Blest Jones (Akouo Remix)’
’Krucial – Feel Something (w/ Atlas)’
’ZEN & kev. – Pink Sand (Mark Redito Promise Flip)’
’Mark Redito – Lovers (Notdib Remix)’
’MØ – Kamikaze’
’Felix Snow – Now You See Me’
’Charlíe Puth x Kehlaní – Hotlíne Blíng (DATHAN Flip)’
’esta – 1738’
’Hoodboi – Palm Reader feat. Lido (SIROJ Remix)’
’Body Language – Really Love (Machinedrum Remix)’
’MOONZz – Satisfy (Khamsin Remix)’
’Kiiara – Tennessee (Milk N Cooks Remix)’
’Giraffage & Viceroy – Impression Of You (feat. Patrick Baker) (Electric Mantis Remix)’
’Fwdslxsh – Enough’
’Canblaster – Encore DX’
’clqqng – Y U Go’
’Blackbear – IDFC (SevnthWonder Remix)’
’Tontario – 5AM (ft. K.B. Starr)’
’Chet Faker – Bend (D Pulse Remix)’
’Duke Dumont – Ocean Drive (Michael Calfan Remix)’
’Nigel Good – Disappear (feat. Mango, Andre Frauenstein, & Stefan Ludik)’
’Kaizen – Eternum’
’StéLouse – Brave ft. Ill
esha (Stolensnares Remix)’
’Planet Funk – Chase The Sun (Just A Gent Remix)’
’whereisalex – new ways to long for you.’
’Lege Kale – Abberant’
’Sam Bruno – Search Party (Bearcubs Remix)’
’Frances – Let It Out (KAASI Remix)’
’VÉRITÉ – Sober’
’stwo – Haunted (ft. Sevdaliza)’
’AN & – Get A Chance (ft. Evil)’
’Alxndr London – Jupiter And Pluto’
’Disclosure – Magnets ft Lorde (SG Lewis Remix)’
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