We may be 172 editions strong, but The Chill Dojo has yet to be graced with any doo-wop style jams to add to its ranks. Well that ends this week as LA based singer Clans open our minds to the forgotten art with his killer ‘Alibi’. Amidst all the craze of discovering new sounds and genres, sometimes we forget just how good the classics can be when they’re done right. If this track is any indication, these fresh vibes are more than welcome to be welcomed back to the modern era. On the other hand, it’s hard to deny the creative diversity that is on display from forward-thinking producers who are pushing the boundaries with their consistent innovation. LUCA LUSH is just one of those championing the cause, and his latest rework of ‘Hands to Myself’ explores that versatility that defines the contemporary artist. What opens with a mellow beat and deep vocal edit gradually develops into something so much more, journeying through chilly atmosphere and reaching an incredible sax solo that truly brings home the power of this piece.

Where the potency of Just A Gent’s ‘Heavy As A Heartbreak’ could simply be attributed to its bass-driven drops, Syntact proves that there is so much more for the original to offer through a retrained remix that heroes the vocal and melodic components. Who knew funk-filled piano riffs could hit just as hard and yet feel so light all at the same time? Mazde echoes that same sentiment around the power of melody with an experimental release ‘Bandland’, inspired by the wonderful world of Rayman. Nothing like a bit of nostalgia to amplify the beauty of this one and make that childhood universe so vivid in our minds.

Not a week goes by where we’re not surprised by the creativity that is out there. There’s plenty more to discover here too. Peace out.

’Clans – Alibi’
’Just A Gent – Heavy As A Heartbreak Ft. LANKS (Syntact Remix)’
’Mazde – Bandland’
’StarRo – Milk’
’S H I N D I G – Rabbit Onesie’
’R.O.M – girlfriend?’
’Opia – Falling (Wheathin Redo)’
’Aire Atlantica – April’
’Koyö – Here For You’
’KLOE – Teenage Craze (Sachi Remix)’
’The Code – Mood (Find You)’
’Annabel Jones – IOU (AObeats Remix)’
’Goldwash – Need To Hear’
’GARREN – 17 Weeks’
’Paperwhite – Unstoppable (Mogul Remix)’
’Autograf – Slow Burn’
’Basenji – Chroma’
’Jamie Prado – African Sun’
’Deadmau5 – 4ware 01’
’Mazde – Pitch Black ft. LissA (Piecey Remix)’
’EFIX & Kokenn – Louise ( Feat Edgar )’
’Lane 8 – Klara (Theo Kottis Remix)’
’Kiiara – Feels (Jai Wolf Remix)’
’Povi – Park Hill feat. ILoveMakonnen (prod. by Christian Rich)’
’Yuma X – You Said’
’AK, Brenton Mattheus & Laura Brehm – Falling’
’DJ Mustard Ft. Travi$ Scott – Whole Lotta Lovin’ (Djemba Djemba Remix)’
’Fossa Beats – Mirrors (feat. Maesu)’
’Yung Death Ray – Budapest’
’Slushii – Some More’
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