It’s been a long time waiting, but we are stoked to mark Dojo #170 with the stream of the glorious ‘Sad Machine’ remix from Cosmo’s Midnight. A staple of their live sets over the past year, their lush style fits the vibe of Porter’s Worlds to a tee, and creates an infectious sense of happiness that washes over you in a wave of colorful sound. The clear Japanese influence leads perfectly into this next feature from Dojo newcomer Ujico/Snail’s House, a young producer hailing from Tokyo whose imagination seemingly knows no bounds. His latest track ‘ramune’ uses a complex mix of retro sounds and sampling as his canvas, crafting an enchanting melody that is reminiscent of Grynpyret’s ‘Boba Beach’. Heavy nostalgia swells with every passing moment, forming the perfect chance to sit back in a state of fond reflection.

The latest release from UK songstress NAO goes down a completely different road, serving as a message for moving on from the hurt of past love. Featuring on a host of big tunes in 2015, her captivating voice takes center stage for this one, building further anticipation for her debut album dropping later this year. HONNE boast a similar caliber of vocal prowess when it comes to their music, but in the case of this remix from MXXWLL, it only takes a two word sample to demonstrate just how incredible it can be. Imbuing ‘Gone Are The Days’ with a tasty dose of future funk, the Sydney based groove-master creates a clean soulful vibe that’s sure to be on high rotation for this week and beyond.

Before you do that though, there’s a whole lot more to sink your teeth into. Peace out.

’Porter Robinson – Sad Machine (Cosmo’s Midnight Remix)’
’Ujico*/Snail’s House – ラ・ム・ネ (ra mu ne)’
’NAO – Fool To Love’
’Honne – Gone Are The Days (MXXWLL Remix)’
’GoldLink – Dark Skin Women (Chris McClenney Remix)’
’ZHU – In the Morning’
’Fred Falke – It’s A Memory (Ferdinand Weber Remix)’
’Flume – Smoke & Retribution (Medasin Remix & Cover) Ft. Tyler Carter’
’låpsley – love is blind (sam gellaitry remix)’
’Rihanna – Work (Vandalized Cover)’
’Noctoak – Bitterness feat. Kite (Original Mix)’
’Jamie Woon – Sharpness (KAYTRANADA EDIT)’
’rysk – i’ll try’
’WRLD – Drowning (feat. Ehiorobo)’
’Lowself – Lotus Hills’
’DAZE – Give You All’
’Fhin – Your Heart Sounds Like (Kultur Remix)’
’Autograf – Heartbeat’
’nimino – The Back Of Your Hands Ft. Ashe’
’Pat Lok – Your Lips ft. DiRTY RADiO (Rambo V Remix)’
’Kero Uno – Falling Apart ft. Lindsay Olsen’
’Marc E. Bassy & Ty Dolla $ign – That’s Love (Matt DiMona Remix)’
’Bishu – Upsidown ft. PRXZM’
’KRNE – Ascension ft. exyle’
’RYAN Playground – Folders (with Ryan Hemsworth)’
’RYAN Playground – Fall Of Gold’
’Kuiters – fallen’
’Ashton McCreight – Repetition’
’SKIES – Drone (The Walton Hoax Remix)’
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