The Landing
We Are

Just in time for the Holiday where we celebrate the unknown, the macabre, the mysterious, and the mystical, The Landing dropped this extraterrestrial video for the glowing tune, “We Are.”

Riding along the backbone of a bassline that would make Pinback proud, the instrumentals for “We Are” are delicate and cosmic, creating an ethereal soundscape. Accentuated by the gloriously refined falsettos which caress an other-worldly message, we’re left drifting along to other worlds while listening to this title track from his recently released EP.

While we admittedly miss the soundbite from British philosopher Alan Watts in the intro, the lead-in paragraph does more than enough to set the tone of “We Are.” Following that, masked beings pair up with this solo artist, creating an intergalactic dance party, which is assumedly outside of a recent crop circle. Feel free to steal some of those moves for your upcoming Halloween celebrations.

If you want to get taken to another planet via dreamy space pop, please hit up one of his upcoming shows:

Brooklyn, NY
11/2 @ Cameo Gallery – 7pm

New York, NY
11/8 @ Rockwood Music Hall – 12am

Arlington, VA
11/15 @ IOTA Club and Cafe – 9pm

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