’Gil Scott Heron – Whitey On The Moon (The Munk Machine Remix)’

A few months ago, the collective dance community was on the hunt for a mysterious Producer/DJ called The Munk Machine. It wasn’t because of a new release that caught the ear of a radio icon like Pete Tong or Zane Lowe. It wasn’t due to a well-calculated marketing campaign burning through a major record labels’ budget. Nope. It all came from a grassroots movement–one that was designed to help shine a light on some of the undiscovered talent out there.

Led by Producer/DJ/Promoter/Talent Buyer/all around amazing human being Brennen Bryarly, aka option4, this campaign caught the eyes and ears of nearly every major music news outlet that exists. The concept was simple. Any dance music artist in the United States, could submit a song. Brennen would go through each and every one, live stream him doing so (to ensure that he really did listen to their songs), eventually picking a winner for a all-expenses paid gig in Denver.

The winning track was the one included with this post– a groovy, funky, jazzy remix of Gil Scott Heron’s “Whitey on the Moon.” Despite being six years old, it captivated everyone who was tuning into this contest, including Brennen.

I chose the Munk Machine track because of all of the organic instrumentation. It was unique. But those instruments were real. And that showed me a level of musicianship and composition that was rare during the competition. Not to mention the soul the tune had to begin with. It got in my head and didn’t leave, so it had to be the one. – Brennen Bryarly

Today is the end result, as The Munk Machine has officially arrived (through classic Colorado turbulence) in Denver to play with Francois K at Vinyl Night Club. Tickets are still available and, ss you’d guess, we highly recommend heading down and getting to know his music. After a conversation with him, we can wholly assure you that the dedication to his craft is very real and will absolutely resonate with you.

I truly believe that mediocrity is destroying the world. We live in a marketing world where KPIs are more important than just feeling something. Whatever I can do to put emotion back in people’s lives–that’s why we’re doing this. – The Munk Machine

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